Photo Wall Displays (Frames)-Why Didn’t I Think of That? Wednesday

You may remember THIS post I did months ago with a collection of photo wall ideas. It was such a huge hit I thought I would create a part 2 for you!

All these links include picture frames:

Live. Your. Style – Collection of frames in the shape of a rectangle with a large letter in the mix.

The House of Smiths – Creative way of displaying frames on a shelf.

Kikilota – Frames in the shape of a heart above the bed.

The Bird’s Papaya – Frames in stair way with a quote in the mix. Love this!

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  1. I cant wait to decorate once we move!! I hope our house has lots of wall space for lots of photos!!!

  2. Wow! Amazing wall displays! Great ideas!

  3. These are wonderful, I’ve always wanted a wall like this and now have some great ideas!
    Ashley recently posted..My cake and eat it too

  4. It does seem that everyone is doing a wall mural these days, myself included. I have a stack of frames sitting on my table as we speak and I am just too nervous to start. i don’t know if I want a more whimsical feel or a more strategic look. Oye vey. I love the one with the yellow wall. AWESOME!
    casey recently posted..Teaser 2 for the Farons

  5. These are awesome. One thing Nathan and I love is houses with really open floor plans. Unfortunately, that means less wall space to hang pictures (which I have still printed…oh, none of from the last 5 years!) and vintage-style posters that we buy whenever we find them. But these big groupings of pictures all together seem to be a great way to hang a lot of pictures on just one wall, so they could work with a house with fewer walls. Very helpful.
    Martha recently posted..Tidbits- Pakistan vs ISAF- old lady ringtones- &amp Area 51

  6. i am loving all these ideas – thanks for posting – makes me want to completely redo a wall in my home now!!!

  7. These are fantastic. I can’t wait to do something similar in our stairway with my photography. In the mean time, we have small areas in our family room and in my studio with collages.
    Kimberly Gauthier Photography & Photography Blog recently posted..Practicing Photography with Tarot Cards

  8. Awesome! I love these! I need to do one in my house.

  9. Wow, that heart display looks like some serious work to put together!

    Thanks for sharing, Courtney:)

  10. I can not find the posting for the popular pinterest pin of the whole wall of frames that go to the floor. I would love to find the source and possibly the size of frames. I love how there are some very clean lines amoung so mant frames. Any thoughts or direction?

    • I wish I had some. I realized after I posted it that the link was broken to the original source so I took it down. Wish I could help!

  11. The collection of frames in a rectangular shape with a large letter in the middle, do you sell the whole grouping as a kit. Love the size and combination of the whole look. Please let me know.



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