30 Day Photography Challenge-WDITT? Wednesday

I have a secret…come in closer…I’m in a HUGE photography rut right now. My 365 has fallen by the wayside and I go days without picking up my camera. Yikes!! Probably not something I should be telling you guys since I write a blog about photography but it’s true. One of my 365 buddies, Laurie, is participating in a 30 day challenge. I’m late to the game since they started a while ago but I’m going to do it. Anyone want to do it with me?? I’m starting today!! If not, no biggie, I just need to get myself out of this rut.

They are using a challenge created by White Peach Photography. Thank you for this!! I’m sure you have seen it all over Pinterest but I wanted to share it with you. I thought about creating one of my own but why reinvent the wheel :O) Plus, I figure using someone else’s challenge may spark some new creativity :O)

Here is the link to the post if you want to link up and help encourage each other :O)

source: White Peach Photography

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I combined my passion of teaching and photography to create this website. I invite you to take this 30 day challenge - The Unexpected Everyday

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  1. I’ll do it with you. Clearly we’ve seen what happened w my 365. Maybe 30 days speaks more to my spirit… Plus, I still haven’t taken that self portrait so this is as good a reason as any. :)

  2. fun!! I’m going to do this; post it every ten days:)
    Ashlyn recently posted..Photography {a guest post by: Francesca}

  3. hey… I think I’m kind of hitting the same place (with photography)…
    I’ve tried this challenge when it was first introduced in June.
    Good luck with the challenge!
    Galina recently posted..:: THIS WEEK | 365 ::

  4. Oh goodness….This could have been my blog post on my blog. I am struggling with being consistant with my blog as well. I….I….(hope I can do this) am going to say I am in. :) This may be my ticket to getting me out of that rut of not being faithful to my blog ;) Thanks for sharing!!!
    Tracy recently posted..Day 275 Family Photo Session

  5. I’ll participate! I need some inspiration for my photo 365.
    Suzanne from Kokocooks recently posted..Epcot Food and Wine Festival, 2011

  6. When are you starting?

  7. Thanks or the shout out! I actually fell off of the wagon with this one. I felt it was double work bc I still wanted to capture my 365 daily life stuff in addition. And I hate selfless, and there are like 3 or 4 of them. I think I id like 20 days. Lists like these are great for a rut though! Sorr you are having one, but it happens to everyone! The holidays are coming up, ask for a macro ;) it always helps with bad days.

    • You really have me wanting a macro now. Looks like I know what my next lens will be :O) My wallet thanks you :O) he he I don’t know why you don’t like selfies…you are beautiful!

  8. I’ll do it with you! I’ve been in a HUGE rut for the past couple of weeks and am dying to get out of it! :)
    Hope recently posted..click it up a notch photography contest | september

  9. Wow I love your website! I just found it yesterday while searching for camera problems I was encountering with my newish camera and I’m in the same rut as you. I started a 365 day project and am like 50 or more days behind…bad me! So I will try this with you. Also I was wondering how do I subscribe to your website? I don’t want the text only version that it does when I press the subscribe button. I love the graphics on your website and just want an email reminder or something when you post. Thank you for your helpful hints :)
    Erin recently posted..you know you’re a mom with a camera….if everytime you leave the house your hus…

  10. I officially have a bunch of cute kiddies to photograph starting tomorrow ..I would say I’ll do this challenge but, well, I suck at sticking with them! Good luck to everyone trying!
    Yvonne recently posted..Helium

  11. I can always use some inspiration, so, sure, I’ll play along!
    Kimberly recently posted..Photo of the Day: October 3

  12. I hope you don’t mind me jumping in. I need an out, out of the rut as well.

  13. I am in a rut too! So this will really help me out. I definitely going to do it!
    Robyn recently posted..#276

  14. Well, I’m no pro, but I will join in too! Your site is for beginners too anyway :) Are we linking up together anywhere?
    Chrissy @ real {grace filled} life recently posted..Fall Craft Ideas

  15. Okay…I’m probably going to do this a little bit too (because how can I resist doing what you tell me? I can’t!) ! I find myself taking random pics of my kids or hubbies at night just to get my 365 done. Self portrait today…yikes!
    Amber recently posted..The winners are…

  16. Sounds like fun! I’ve been doing P52 which seemed much easier to me that P365. I’ve been contemplating doing P365 next year. Hoping this helps me get into a habit of taking a picture a day.
    Mimi recently posted..Sweet Shot Tuesday

  17. I think I’ll give it a go too!

  18. TOTALLY will join this one. I love prompts- it makes me think outside the box & challenges me like nothing else. Sounds like fun.
    Gina recently posted..Wordish Trip to Nowhere

  19. I started this challenge too! I got myself in a rut… I’m on day 17.

  20. avatar Dorothy Baxter :

    Thanks! Good luck to everyone trying!
    Dorothy Baxter recently posted..Arthritis Tips

  21. avatar Michele Francis :

    I got myself in a rut… I’m on day 17. I’ve tried this challenge when it was first introduced in June. Hoping this helps me get into a habit of taking a picture a day.
    Michele Francis recently posted..Swiffer Mops

  22. I am considering a 365 project. It’s not so much keeping up with the pictures that’s hard for me. It’s the upload and the posting. Maybe a monthly challenge is better. I agree using someone elses challenge is better than my own. Thanks again.
    joanna schoff recently posted..My favorites!

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