One Photographer’s Journey and a Pay it Forward

I am so excited to be here, sharing a little bit of my photography journey with you. I had the honor of getting my very first photography lesson from Courtney-in real life! We met in a music class for our kids at the beginning of our tours in Okinawa. I saw her taking photos of her kids with her D90 and told her I wanted to get into photography, too. I bet it comes as no surprise to any of you that the first words out her mouth were, “I’ll teach you!” I didn’t even have a DSLR yet!! But knowing I had someone who would help me get started really gave me the courage to take the plunge into purchasing my first DSLR-my beloved Nikon D5000.

With my new camera finally in hand, I asked her to teach me the basics to get me started. We met at a local park and there she showed me how to shoot in manual…a lesson that still affects my photography today.

In one afternoon we covered:

-The exposure triangle-I had no clue you had to keep adjusting the meter! Such a light bulb moment!
-Rules of composition-to include the rule of thirds, negative space, having your subject look into the frame and giving them somewhere to go (if they are moving).
-Setting my focal points so I could toggle.
-And she told me something I found so invaluable – “practice on stuff that doesn’t matter as much—if you’re not comfortable in your skills to shoot on manual for birthdays, once-in-a-lifetime trips, etc.-set it on Auto and capture the memories. Put it back in manual when it doesn’t matter.“

Here is my 1st photo from that day in park together….really?! Can it possibly get any worse folks?! Poor Courtney-boy did she have her work cut out for her! The good thing about starting here is that you can only get better!
brennan lanter photography

By the end of that session, I came out with this:
brennan lanter photography

I thought this was the greatest picture ever taken-I truly thought I was giving Ansel Adams a run for his money!

Here are a few more gems from the past:
2010-Do you ever feel like you want to reach through a picture and take it again?! Why didn’t I turn her towards the light? And take a step back, Brennan!
brennan lanter photography

Clearly had no clue what white balance was or gave any thought to skin tones!
brennan lanter photography

2011-After Clickin’ Moms – Shooting 101: Best Darn Beginnger Course Ever
brennan lanter photography

After Clickin’ Moms Shooting 201: Beyond the Basics
brennan lanter photography

brennan lanter photography

In October 2012, I upgraded to a Nikon D700. I left it in the box for several days thinking maybe I wasn’t good enough for Courtney again cheered me on – believing in me and my work-and gave me the confidence to open the box and start shooting.
brennan lanter photography

2013 – Yesterday
brennan lanter photography
brennan lanter photography

Thank you Brennan for sharing your journey and your kind words! Brennan is so sweet and wants to pay it forward to you guys!! She is donating a Lifetime membership to Clickin’ Moms or a Study Along seat in a workshop if you are already a member. Isn’t that awesome!!

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Guest Post-Brennan Lanter

brennan lanter (1 of 1)I am a natural light, lifestyle photographer based in Chesapeake, VA. I spend my days with my 3 “littles” searching for the mundane moments I can make extraordinary through my lens (es!) When I’m not behind the camera, I consider a trip to Target alone a major thrill! Website | Facebook | Pinterest

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  1. Wow! What a journey! I was nodding my head remembering when I made those same mistakes– cropping in too close, horrible white balance, bad lighting, etc. What a difference your perserverence (and wonderful lessons from a fabulous teacher!) made. Your kids are going to cherish these pictures later on in life.
    Thanks for an opportunity to win a lifetime membership. Funny– I was just on the website yesterday debating if I should join– I don’t have kids yet, but it seems that it covers more than just children. Fingers crossed!
    Dana Vastano recently posted..Double Exposure

  2. Thank you for such a beautiful and inspiring post! I can always use a reminder that photography is just like anything else, it takes time and work to improve.
    Jessica recently posted..Month 13

  3. Whoops– I commented right away– I didn’t realize it was a part of the entry!
    I started my photographic journey a few years ago after a bad breakup. I turned to photography to get my mind off of everything that was crumbling around me. In a world of uncertainty, photography seemed like it was the one thing I had control over. I could set my settings and control how the picture came out.
    Fast forward a few years and it has become so much more than a hobby– it’s a large part of my life!
    Dana recently posted..Double Exposure

  4. Travel got me started on photography. I was lucky to see such beautiful places, but my pictures never did them justice, so I got a dslr and started to learn. And I’m still learning… thanks for the inspiring post and giveaway.

  5. What a wonderful story! I loved watching your progress unfold through those photos – you have such talent! My husband has been my biggest encouragement in photography. I don’t love to share my work, especially when it doesn’t seem like my best, but he cheers me on whenever he sees any of my photos and makes me feel like a rockstar!

  6. Courtney! I was floored seeing her talent soar as she applied herself to learn manual :). I thought, now if I can follow her blog and get to be about 1/4 th as good, I will be estatic! :)

  7. Oh boy! I want to win!!! I already have a membership at CM but really, REALLY want to take a class.

  8. Brennan, I also have to say it was so inspiring seeing your journey!! I hope you are very proud of your work and gorgeous family :)

  9. avatar Rebecca Stuart :

    I actually bought my camera on a whim with zero experience! But, I LOVE it, and WILL learn! Thanks for the chance to win!

  10. My sister-in-law inspired me into photography just because her photos are incredible. She has such a great eye for it and sometimes I feel like I just don’t know enough to produce such great photos.

  11. Wonderful story and wonderful progress! Makes us all hopeful to continue to grow and learn!!

  12. I would say my grandfather inspired me. He was always snapping pictures at family functions and I recently inherited his collection of old cameras.

  13. Awesome story. I always love reading others’ stories. It guess I was first inspired to learn photography by my mom. She bought me a film SLR a long long time ago before I knew anything about SLR’s. I never took that old thing off auto. And then, like many others, I became a mom and I got tired of blurry point & shoot pictures. So I got my Canon Rebel and have been learning ever since.
    Tonya Edwards recently posted..and now, back to our regularly scheduled program

  14. Progress stories are always inspirational!! Thanks for sharing Brennan. I have enjoyed CM for the past 6 months, after finding Courtney’s blog during a midnight nursing feeding for my youngest son. I would love to win a SA seat in one of the many fabulous CM workshops. Thanks for your generosity!!

  15. Incredible progress. My husband is my inspiration. There have been so many times when I have wanted to give up. His encouragement keeps me going.

  16. This is awesome! I am just trying to teach myself everything now, so this would be awesome to win. My inspiration to learn…other bloggers! I was sick of my photos looking crappy so here I go!
    Heather recently posted..Potty Training Update

  17. avatar Shannon Hackenberg :

    My inspiration and encouragement: my family and our dogs… being able to capture moments in time; Courtney… her amazing talent and help for even the beginning; Amanda @ Everyday Elements… her PS Elements tips & tricks; and me… capturing that one picture, by chance, and realizing there’s so much more!

  18. Loved seeing the progression of the photos!

  19. It’s so nice to know that everyone doesn’t come right out of the gate shooting drool-worthy photos. It’s all you see on other photographers blogs. But you don’t usually see how they got there. Thank you so much for sharing and helping the rest of us to remember to keep growing.
    Emily recently posted..Second Shooting a Wedding: 09/01/12

  20. Very inspiring story! It’s amazing what a little time and instruction can do. I am already a CM member, but would love to win a seat in one of the workshops!!

  21. My Children have. I actually don’t have pictures of myself or brother from childhood I think if maybe a handful and I really wish there were more. I didn’t actually start to really document us as much as I had wanted although I had snapped pictures but it wasn’t until our oldest little girl when I learned how much the pictures of her would mean to us. She passed to SIDS at 2 1/2 mths old in 2006 but we were lucky that I had gone pictures happy if you will and have a couple of albums of pictures of her. These are precious to us. With those images I have been able to share w/our youngest baby girl she’s gotten to “know” her older sister and even my boys go through them and see things they didn’t remember. Since then I’ve tried to not just capture us on “important” days but our everyday and I love that I am able to do this for my kids. Now that we are expecting our 5th I am trying to do the same so when this baby is born they will be able to see what we have done. Photography is part of my everyday it’s another member of our family that is loved OH so very much.
    Ellie Augustin recently posted..Frame Your Memories : Shutterfly Giveaway

  22. What an inspiring story. =) I love photographers that root on each other!! I was inspired to learn more through a local photographer’s class, where they mentioned the word “manual” during their intro class – and I just ran with it and read and practiced all I could. Now, with a (surprise!) 3 week old, I am looking forward to more practice and learning – once I am past the little sleep stage. =)

  23. My Aunt Jackie inspired me to become a photographer. She was learning photography in high school when I was born and used me as her model. Growing up I loved one of those B&W photographs she took of me and always wanted to be able to do the same. I was lucky enough that my art teacher encouraged me to challenge myself to follow that inspiration.

  24. What a fantastic progression series! I’ve been a hobbyist for a few years now, and discovering the world of photography bloggers over the past two years has really inspired me to be more creative. When my baby sister asked for a DSLR for Christmas, I was beyond excited for her – I think I sent her a dozen links on Christmas Day alone, and Click it Up a Notch was at the top of my list. This is a fantastic community, and posts like this one are a great illustration of that!

  25. My inspiration do get better in my photography… my girls, amazing photographers on the internet willing to teach us all ;) and my love for seeing how the smallest parts of everything make up and an amazing whole. You just have to look hard enough to see it.
    Emily recently posted..Second Shooting a Wedding: 09/01/12

  26. I was recently in that infancy stage and I feel like I’m finally starting to get it! My family is my greatest inspiration to strive to learn something new and do better every day!

  27. Love your story and so encouraging to me! I feel somedays I am never going to get the hang of everything, but I feel inspired that I can :)

  28. Thank you so much for sharing your journey! It is inspiring!! I am about a year into my journey and I can definitely see improvement in my photos but know there is still so much to learn. Your photos are beautiful!

  29. My daughter inspired me to start taking photography serious. When she was 4 months old I got a DSLR and began the slow journey. Up until last spring just before my son was born I had never taken my camera off of auto. Last year I spent trying to master manual and continue to struggle most days but I’m still trucking along!

  30. My photography journey started because of Ashley at lil blue boo. I was wondering how she was doing her wonderful blog picture. Next, she decided to do a photography week on her blog and i was hooked. Surfing the web, i have found Courtney’s blog. I think i have read all the blog post from the archives in 2 days!!! Then I discovered CM because of Courtney. I took my first worskop in novemer and im currently in NL 101 right now. Im growing fast but there still a lot to lean. Im very thankfull to all photography blogger that came into my journey right now!

  31. To be honest, Click it up a notch gave me my inspiration to start photography. I have a little boy, and I love taking pictures of him. But once I found an article by Courtney via Pinterest, I couldn’t stop reading them – I read all of the articles on Click it up a notch within a week. I found all of it so intriguing, and I didn’t own a DSLR yet either! So I bought an entry level one, and I just got it about a month ago, and I can’t get enough of it! I want to become better with the whole white balance thing, but my pictures are still 50x better with my entry level DSLR than they ever were with my point and shoot. Love photographing my little boy!

  32. I’ve always loved pictures. They are such treasures. As my two boys were growing up, I decided it was time to invest in a new camera and I wanted a DSLR. From day one, I decided that unless I was taking a “once in a lifetime” picture, I would only use manual or at least semi-manual (aperture priority and shutter priority). I am still practicing and still need a lot of practice, but I enjoy it!

  33. my children have been my sole inspiration for my photography journey. i’ve always loved photographs, but i fell in love with photography because of them. i enjoy the creativity mixed with the technicality of it all. thank you for sharing your journey and for such a fantastic opportunity!

  34. My kids and seeing such gorgeous pictures on the Internet.

  35. I have been there…somedays feel like I still am! I have learned what I do know with hours of reading or youtube and of course trial and error. I have been lucky to have a few friends that are photographers help me as well…..I just feel like I am bothering them sometimes. I can look back over the years and see the difference in where I was to where I am at now… but there is always and always will be room for growth and learning!!! Oh how I love it when the “new thing” clicks!! Such a great feeling :)

  36. totally relate! I love looking back at where you started and how great the progress results turned out. that one on the road with the sunbeams is just breath taking!!!! I would love to learn how to get pictures like that!
    Kassondra recently posted..Kendell’s warmth

  37. My interest in photography was sparked by my dad’s subscription to National Geographic. He has been a subscriber since before I was born and I grew up admiring the beautiful photos. I have always been fascinated by photography and really became more interested in technique after my kids were born and I got my first DSLR. I am soaking up everything I can about photography and just recently became a lifetime member of Clickin Moms and would love to win a study along seat in a workshop so that I can learn even more!! Thank you for the opportunity!
    Danielle recently posted..Create 2 for Tuesday: Green

  38. avatar Monique Richter :

    It is something I have always been drawn to. My parents gave me my first camera in grade school, another in high school and finally one as a wedding gift. They always encouraged my interests.

  39. I had dabbled in photography as a tween/teen but then life got in the way and once I was married with children, I took pictures just to capture the memories. Then about 4 years ago, my friend, Laura, inspired me to get back into shooting in manual and I’ve never looked back. I love learning about photography and would love a membership to Clickin Moms! Thank you for an incredible opportunity!

  40. Wow, what a great post! Thank you so much for sharing your journey, it was definitely encouraging to read. I was inspired to get into photography by seeing what some of my friends and family members that started their journey before me were able to accomplish. I’m a very visual person, and so having pictures of important events in my life, as well as just my everyday, has always been something that I value. I love Click it Up a Notch and ClickinMoms and I have already learned so much since I’ve found both these amazing resources! I would love to win this to get a study along seat in a workshop (I’m already a Lifetime member). Thanks again for sharing and for paying it forward!!!

  41. I was living in Europe and a friend gave me a copy of Lightroom and I learned more about editing photos, which in turn made me what to learn more about taking photos. I still have a long way to go, but I love taking pictures.

  42. My family encouraged me to start my photography journey. Watching my children grow up so fast, I wanted to capture beautiful memories as best as I could. My husband has always been so encouraging and eager to help me learn and watch me grow.

    This is such an exciting giveaway!

  43. I love seeing Brennan’s journey as a photographer. I stay home with my two young children and have recently begun to focus on my photography skills since I have two adorable little subjects. Since I can’t freeze time, at least I can use my camera to capture all those moments that I never want to forget. I started shooting in manual this summer and just ordered my a new lens to upgrade from my kit lens. I would LOVE to be a member of Clickin’ Moms but cost has prohibited me from joining thus far. This would be such a gift to win this giveaway as I know I would learn how to capture all these little moments in an even more amazing way.

  44. I’ve always loved taking pictures since I was a little girl. I finally got the nerve to start a small, part time business when I realized that I needed a hobby that made money, rather than spent money! I’m dying to join clickinmoms but can’t afford it yet. Thanks for sharing your story and for the great giveaway.

  45. Wow…this was wonderful to read and we all start out somewhere :) I see an improvement in my passion everyday. My kids are my inspiration! I really want to document their beautiful lives and have been even working on getting myself in some images! I would love to win this, but I’m already a Lifetime member…just love CM. Thanks again

  46. I forgot to add who inspired me – my husband. He is an art teacher and is constantly challenging me to tap into my creative side (I am much more left brained). He encourages me to keep the camera out at all times and to keep working on my skills. I’d probably still have a point and shoot camera and a computer full of awful pictures if it wasn’t for him!

  47. Such a great post!!!

  48. Thanks for sharing your story and for the amazing giveaway!

  49. Thank you for sharing your journey AND this amazing giveaway! I just joined Clickin Moms a few months ago and I’m hooked!

  50. avatar Laura Rodriguez :

    wow thank you for the chance to entrance to this giveaway! i really want it i just cant afford it i just buy my d5100 and to my is saving much longer :)

  51. I can absolutely relate to your photography journey. I’ve been wanting to join Clickin Moms for months, but I’m working on a budget! Thanks for this opportunity!!!

  52. It was so neat and inspiring to see the progression of your photography, Brennan! My photography journey started when I lived in Puerto Rico for two years with my husband and son. All of the beauty around me and the ocean just a short walk from our house gave me the motivation to learn how to use the dslr that I had already owned for almost two years. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win!!

  53. It’s so encouraging to see some one else’s journey. Thanks for sharing.
    Charity recently posted..Cold Tuesday morning

  54. avatar Megan O'Connor :

    Great story. I too am learning as much as I can right now to become a better photographer. I have always admired good photography but I was inspired by the birth of my first child to become better and capture her life.

  55. Oops! I commented before I saw that we had to talk about who inspired us…
    My husband has totally inspired me to follow my passion for photography. He bought me my first DSLR as a Christmas present in 2011. Although I played around with the camera, he has really encouraged me to learn as much as I can and is so supportive. He urged me to take my first class on Clickin Moms and I can’t wait to take more! As a stay at home mom of a one income family, I would LOVE to win a study along class!!

  56. Thank you so much for sharing your journey. I am just starting out so this was very encouraging! I loved seeing the progression of your work!
    Jen H. recently posted..Steven & Norah

  57. My journey is still in the beginning stages but my son and children of my closest friend’s & family have inspired me. While my amazingly talented cousin has been holding my hand, rooting me on, and teaching me many skills along the way.

  58. Becoming a mom inspired me I guess…but it wasn’t until I stumbled upon Click it up a Notch that I truely wanted my photography to take off…IN MANUAL…of course!! Thanks for the opportunity and what a great post to show we all make mistakes but without them we would not and could not grow :)
    Jessica Bosley recently posted..A special Friend

  59. Your journey is amazing and so inspiring!!!! Courtney also inspired me to go manual (even though I have never meant her, I feel like she has really helped my photography through Click It Up A Notch)! I enjoyed your post and just liked your fb page so I can continue to follow you =)

  60. I was inspired by family members who took real candid pictures. I wanted the same for my family.

  61. I agree with everyone here…my children inspired me in many ways. I’ve always been one to try to notice everything around me, and having children increase that. I want them to ride in the car not watching video games, but looking at the world around them. Capturing that world with my camera (as non-professional as I am) is a way for me to share the way I look at things. And in the same light, I’m capturing them as I see them growing. Not posing and staring at the camera, but interacting with the world and each other. The best part? My daughter tells everyone what a great photographer I am. I take that as a huge compliment because I know she’s looking differently at my pictures and at the world.

  62. I love reading other’s photography journeys. And I love the community of encouragement that there is out there for those that love to carry a camera. Children are a great inspiration to better ourselves and our photography. Thanks for a lovely blog post and the chance to win this wonderful giveaway.

  63. Thanks for sharing your journey and photos. :-) My inspiration comes from my kids. I love documenting their growth and lives.

  64. Love that story…and I love seeing others’ journeys in photography. I was inspired by the birth of my daughter.

  65. So inspiring to see how far you’ve come!! Encourages the rest of us that further advancement is possible! Awesome giveaway….here’s hope hope hoping…. :) At least someone will be thrilled and encouraged to push on!!!

  66. Thank you for sharing your journey!

  67. You give me hope that I too can make beautiful pics like yours some day. I am inspired by the day to day moments with my husband and son. My son is the only child I will ever have so I want to save these moments to enjoy on going. I started shooting outside of Auto last year and I am trying to learn as much as I can. I love the advice of practicing what doesn’t matter!

  68. What a generous giveaway and such an awesome story! I’d love to help someone get started in photography. i’d also love a membership to clickin’ moms…I know it would be such a great source on education and inspiration.

    Thanks for the opportunity.


  69. I loved your story, and I am 100% jealous that you got to learn from Courtney in person!

  70. Loved reading this, and especially loved seeing the improvement, image by image. So encouraging to see progress in myself, and to see how far someone can go in a relatively short amount of time, with patience, pratice, encouragement, and education. Thanks for sharing! :)

  71. OH–I didn’t see the question; whoops! Two of my very good friends (one was my first college roommate) enocuraged me and pointed me in the right direction (which camera to buy, a good textbook on shooting in manual, etc.) Love them! They still encourage me!

  72. thank you for this encouraging blog post!
    hill recently posted..why?

  73. Thanks for sharing your progress Brennan, and for the amazing PIF! I’d love to win a SA seat in a Clickin Mom’s workshop! Who encouraged/inspired me with photography? Seeing my first family pictures taken by a “custom photographer.” I was so amazed at my children’s beautiful eyes and the huge difference between my snapshots and her artwork. I wanted to take similar pictures. Once I bought my first DSLR, I found Click it up a notch, which helped me SO much and pointed me to clickinmoms. Those two websites continue to encourage and inspire me!

  74. My journey with photography had a slow start but I recently received a DSLR for my birthday and now it has taken on so much more meaning to me. It is always something I have been interested in, but kind of felt like, “oh no, not me…I could never do THAT”. Well now that is starting to change. I have really taken to it and feel like I have an eye, but feel like I am too new to be “good”. I struggle with this daily. I feel like I have to spend two to three years in manual mode before I will actually be classified as good. I am proud of my pictures though…so we will see where it goes! Thank you for sharing your story and your beautiful photos. I would love to be a part of CM even though I am “technically” not a mom. (stepmom) ;-)
    Cinnamon @ eatpraytri recently posted..CinnaBits

  75. I’d been inspired to do photography ever since high school, but it wasn’t until my wedding that I knew how important beautiful photos are and then my husband bought our first dslr and then pushed me to pursue my dream! :) I’m so glad he did!
    Lauren Bodwell recently posted..Create 2 For Tuesdays: Green

  76. Loved this article, as it makes me think there is still hope for me!
    My husband has been the one that has encouraged and supported me through my photography journey. One anniversary, he surprised me with my camera. It has become my favorite gift of the 32 years we have been married. My journey has been slow, as I am self taught. I would love to have a membership!

  77. My father-in-law definitely sparked my interest when he gave me my first DSLR about 4 years ago. My husband has been my source of encouragement along the way!

  78. I am still very much still learning and I loved reading this story of growth!

  79. I started my photography when I had my first child. I had a point and shoot little Kodak easy share camera…and was so excited to have my first digital camera! I always wanted more for my photos and finally upgraded to my first dslr last year. Lots and lots of books and online courses later, I’m shooting in manual and loving it! I have so much to learn and look forward to growing.

  80. Really love this post! Having a baby really is what got me started in photography. I love expressing myself though photos and capturing my daughter’s childhood. I love that I am constantly learning from it. There is always something new! Thanks for posting, and for your generous giveaway.

  81. avatar Erin chauvin :

    I was super impressed with how far you’ve come! It gives me the hope that I am getting some where too! I was very impressed with the improvement you made just by the end of your first day! And I can totally relate to wanting to go back and re-shoot a picture of your child. I have many of them. I love the dramatic lighting the the last two!

  82. Thanks for including that very first photo. ha ha. So glad you kept it to see how far you’ve come.
    You’re creating beautiful memories and imagery. Thanks for the giveaway… how generous.
    Kelly Chiodi recently posted..Blog Photos

  83. My little girl most definitely has gotten me into photography. I also have a friend who is a photographer and she inspires me…I love learning how to use the camera and capturing moments that now I never have to forget!

  84. My photography journey started after I had my son. I wanted to capture every little moment of his life, and I didn’t love that I couldn’t control everything (and get the shots I wanted) with my point & shoot. So I bought an entry-level DSLR and started my journey. Two years later, I still have a LOT to learn, but I’ve come a long way! I only hope to come as far as you have someday!

  85. avatar kathy crispino :

    What an awesome article…thanks! I started years ago…but had NO idea what I was doing. Then my husband bought the nikon d5000 for me…was scared to death….they can bite right? But that’s when I started taking classes, and recently upgraded to the d700…found a great deal for a almost like new one…and now I am doing a project 365…WHEW! I have come so far…but have so far to go!

  86. My father got me started taking photos when I was six. He gave me his Minolta 35mm and showed me how to “see” what so many others miss.

  87. avatar Gerty Mitchell :

    I wish I had a kind soul that bothered to teach me photography like Courtney was to Brennan. Learning how to use your DSLR is one thing but having the confidence to believe in yourself that you CAN do it, is another. I own a Canon 60D and a 15-85 mm and a 50 mm 1.8. I recently upgraded from the 1100D and kit lens. I have this overwhelming sense of guilt for having upgraded but not being any better a photographer. I kepp n telling husband i will sell my gear and we can use the money for the family instead of just bieng an expensive toy for me. He insists that after nearly 10 years i have finally found a hobby which i enjoy, he wasnt about to let me walk away from it.
    I had this urge to offer to photograph the kids at my daughter’s preschool in a photobooth to use as a fund raiser, but immediately i doubted myself. I thought, what would other parents say? There’s probably someone out there who knows what they are doing better than i do…like a real photographer…the sort with a cool watermark to their photos. So I havent said anything to the director. I really would like to do it, but I just dont want to disappoint because my photos are amateur. Anyway, I was rambling. Great post. Truly, i enjoyed reading it.

  88. avatar Amanda Watkins :

    Thank you so much for sharing your story! It gives me confidence & makes me feel so much better about my journey :)

  89. What an awesome story! And thank you so much for the wonderful PIF! I started photography when my kids were born. I found a great moms group that was all about photography and our kids of course and my love for it all just grew and grew. I started my business just last year and I feel like the journey continues and I learn and grow every day.

  90. avatar Kimberly McGlothlin :

    Wow! What a great improvement. I’m still a little bit scared of my Canon so I understand completely about not feeling good enough.

  91. My aunt gave me my D60 and it all started there!
    Laura A recently posted..Friday’s Five {03.15.13}

  92. It was my husband who first sparked my interest in photography. He studied it at uni, and though he didn’t continue it on as a career, it remained a strong hobby for him. We got a DSLR in 2010 and he taught me the basics of shooting in manual. I wasn’t too confident in it, I always made silly mistakes and was very slow with the settings, I would either miss the shot or mess it up. Then mid last year I stumbled upon this site while browsing on pinterest. I read an article about practicing photography as much as you can so that when it comes time to get a photo that matters, you do it well. I was changed from that day on. I have barely put my camera down since! I have now joined CM, and I am doing a 365 and every day I can see myself improving. I have such a passion for photography now. Thanks so much for this site Courtney, you don’t realise how valuable and inspiring it has been to me over the last 8 months.

  93. My children are my inspiration to be the best photographer I can be. My Mom gave me my first Canon 12 years ago and my passion for photography has steadily grown throughout the years.

  94. It is so fun to see your photos develop over the years. They are just beautiful! Thank you for the great giveaway and sending someone else on the journey!

  95. I also have s D90 and I have been in a rut lately thinking that my camera is holding me back. Thank you for this post, it has given me new hope for my budding career.
    Daniele recently posted..First Day

  96. Beautiful article, thanks!
    My husband is the one who encouraged me to pursue learning photography. He has been a steady believer in me and my choices and has done so for me even when I couldn’t do so for myself.

  97. avatar chrissy sandifer :

    Kids being born and husband being deployed were the main reasons to get into photography. Loving every minute of it so far but have sooooo very much to learn

  98. Love this, Brennan! I cheer for you.

  99. avatar Amanda Mobly :

    I’ve always loved photography and only very recently have I decided to learn the ins and outs to it all. CM has been a huge help in letting my skills grow and blossom.

  100. there have been so many people but recently the group of ladies I took Lifestyle for Kids with have been my biggest supporters/
    colie recently posted..Denver Colorado Storytelling Photography – Do you want your story told by Colie James Photography?

  101. avatar Kathleen Collins :

    Thanks for sharing your journey and this awesome pif!

  102. This gives me so much hope for my photography!

  103. Love reading about your journey. It shows how a little encouragement can really push you to do things you never thought you could. I’ve always loved photography, but my husband is the one who really pushed me to take it up a level. He has been by my side every step of the way and is constantly encouraging to keep going. Thanks for sharing your story!

  104. Great Blog Post. Thanks for sharing your journey. I hope someday my journey looks that impressive!

  105. What an awesome journey you’ve shared! I’ve been “the one with the camera” for as long as I can remember…but my serious photography journey started when my son was born almost three years ago. Once I joined Clickinmoms last February, I was completely hooked! :)

  106. I am just starting my journey into photography and have completely fallen in love. I stumbled upon Courtney here at Click it Up a Notch and was completely inspired. Thank you Courtney!

  107. This rocks! Thank you so much for sharing and paying it forward!!

  108. avatar Lauren Penland :

    My daughters inspired me to get into photography!!!

  109. avatar Kristen Little :

    My kids have been the main reason for me wanting to take photo’s, just as many other people have mentioned. But it’s true. I have been known in the family as the one who always has the camera at our family functions. I wanted to capture all these moments. I am no pro, that’s for sure. I really have the desire to become better, and I am even beginning my journey by taking a beginning digital photography class at our local community college. I came here to this blog to find even more hints for taking photos.. LOVE IT!!

  110. My sister encouraged my to get a DSLR. My daughter inspired me to learn how to use it!

  111. My sister gave me the idea to buy a DSLR. My daughter inspired me to really learn how to use it!
    KC Bailey recently posted..Seventy-six

  112. I have enjoyed photography since I took a class in highschool. I am lucky now to have twp very photogenic boys.

  113. I’ve just always wanted to take photos. Finally I have a camera that can do it!

  114. I have always been in love wi photography. To be able to capture a moment in time forever is truly remarkable. I never really pursued taking my camera off of auto until just this year. I am always so frustrated that the camera never translates what my mind wants it too. I would love his class to learn so much more!!!

  115. This is so cool to see how you progressed! Thanks so much for sharing! I”m not really sure what/who inspired me to get into photography — I’ve really just loved it for as long as I can remember!

  116. Thanks so much for this post, it’s very motivating. I purchased my DSLR camera a few years ago and it wasn’t until about a year ago that I started to really understand what all the functions and buttons do. And then I broke down and took my first official photography class. What an eye opener that was. I’m so excited to be able to shoot in manual mode, but still improving.

    What a great tip about not shooting in manual mode during those important events if you are not comfortable. I learned this the hard way and missed out on some great photos during Halloween last year.

  117. My husband encouraged me by buying me a DSLR for our first wedding anniversary and pushing me to use it :)

  118. My father was the one who instilled a love of photography in my from an early age, and today I am inspired by light, color, and beautiful surroundings…

  119. Thank you for for sharing your journey. It really is amazing to see. Photography is an awesome creative outlet and I draw inspiration from everyone and everything around me. But I would have to say that my mom was my beginning inspiration. She always had a camera and took pictures of our family everywhere we went.

  120. Such amazing progress! Thank you so much for sharing your photography journey!

  121. I guess you would say my grandparents started me on my love to photography, they got me my very first camera. But it was my mom that encouraged me, not specifically but told me to go for what I want, do what I love, raised me to be the person to go after my dreams.
    Amanda Jillian recently posted..Bookstore Play and Portraits

  122. Great post!! I got started after the birth of my second daughter and just wanted to capture better pictuers of my kids!

  123. I got my first DSLR a few years ago after a heart-wrenching breakup (21 year relationship). I needed something to make me realize that life could be good agin.

  124. I’d love at lifetime membership upgrade! This is such an inspiring story!

  125. My 3 girls are my motivation. They are my main focus of my pictures! :)

  126. I started my journey in college but fell back in love with photography when my son was little.

  127. Love seeing the progress pictures. I was inspired by my kids to pick up the camera and am learning to shoot in manual mode. I’m still learning lots and would love to take a class!!

  128. avatar Trish Howard :

    It’s great to see how far you’ve come and it inspires me to never give up on learning and improvement.

  129. Love seeing people’s progress and holy smokes–what awesome progress!! I think my kids inspired me to pursue photography more seriously. So many blurry and lost shots in the beginning! Thank you so much for an opportunity to win with such a generous PIF. I love Clickin’ Moms!!
    Sarah Hudson recently posted..365 {week 1}

  130. The upgrade to lifetime membership would be such a blessing. My twin sister and I fell into photography as a distraction from both of us fighting breast cancer. It worked! We are both healthy now and found an amazing bond as a photography team. We would love to improve our status from ” the twins with cameras” to ” the twins with talent!”

  131. I would be honored to win this! Thank you.

  132. avatar Stephanie Morency :

    My husband and family have offered the best encouragement for me to pursue my photography dream!

  133. avatar Jeannie Denney :

    My cousin is the best inspiration to me in my photography!

  134. avatar Jennifer Tait :

    Love reading these stories. Everyone starts some where. Thank you Courtney for introducing me to CM! I would love to win a lifetime or study along. Thanks for the chance.

  135. avatar Michelle Hedstrom :

    My kids really are what started my journey in photography. I loved pictures of them, but was never happy with anything I had done. One day I just decided I could do better. I got my first DSLR 4 years ago and have upgraded twice since. Thank you for the amazing giveaway. I’d love to win. I am already a lifetime member, but LOVE their workshops. They are the best!!

  136. I’ve always loved photography, but my two boys have inspired me to want to learn more! I LOVE CM and a lifetime membership would be amazing!

  137. avatar Ashley Osborne :

    I have always loved photography, and heard from many people throughout the years that I should go pro… My parents have been my biggest cheerleaders though. My Dad is a great photographer, and having his support means the world to me. Here’s hoping that with their support, and the amazing CM community that I can make that dream a reality :)
    Thanks for this great giveaway!

  138. Believe it or not, this little ol’ blog called “Click it up a Notch”!!!

  139. My inspiration for photography came from reading photo/lifestyle blogs (i.e. and

  140. I’ve always loved beautiful photographs, but never felt that *I* could be the one to produce them until I was reading & how she started her journey with Clickin’ Moms. From that point, I joined CM and have never looked back. Am I a professional? Nope, but I can take WAY better pictures of my kids and that’s all I was wanting.

  141. My husband inspires me. He bought me my first DSLR and is always supportive of stretching the budget for me to take another workshop.

  142. My husband gave me a camera for Christmas a few years back… the journey of learning continues!

  143. avatar Gayle shrader :

    Thank you for sharing your journey! It’s amazing how far you have come! Love clickinmoms. I have learned so much from that site as well. Thanks for the giveaway chance

  144. avatar Gayle shrader :

    My kids have definitely inspired me to be a better photographer

  145. Who inspired me to start on my photography journey? I think i would have to say myself. I have always love photography and ive always had a camera in my hand so why not take it one step further and make it more. It allows me to capture those moments in time so they can last forever!

  146. I guess there were a lot of things that inspired me to take up photography but the thing that gave me the final push to invest in a DSLR was a friend at a women’s retreat who was shooting with her beautiful DSLR. She told me that it was time and when we met up the next year, she would be ready to see all the pictures I had taken! That definitely gave me to encouragement to get started and goal to reach. I wanted to have something to show the next year!! I so appreciate her for this :)
    Krista Cannon recently posted..What’s a Bluestocking?

  147. Becoming a mom inspired me to become a better photographer.

  148. Courtney inspired and still inspires me to be better! I’ve also gained so much knowledge from CM and all the workshops I’ve taken. And of course, my kids are my true inspiration and the reason why I picked up a camera to be with!

  149. You’re such an inspiration, Brennan! Courtney too! I’m still very “young” in the photography world, so I’ve got a lot of learning to do still. I love ready about other photographer’s journey’s and seeing their work change as they grow. One day I hope to see the same awesome progression in my work!
    My family and friends are definitely my biggest supporters! They are all so patient with me as I fumble with my camera and for that, I owe them a lot. :-)
    This was an awesome post, thanks for sharing your story. Also, thanks for reminding me what an awesome site Click It Up A Notch is!

  150. I’ve always loved the idea of photography, but it wasn’t until my twin daughters were born in 2008 that I seriously began trying to learn photography.

  151. Wow, I want my journey to look like that.

    • My journey was inspired by kids. I want to have beautiful pictures to remember our everyday.

  152. My journey was inspired by my deceased father’s love of photography and my beautiful boys! I knew what I always wanted to do and finally realized it was the perfect time!

  153. Like many people, my photography journey was inspired when I begin to travel as a young person. I became truly inspired when I had our first child. Its beautiful to capture them growing up.
    Karns recently posted..P365: Day 75

  154. Great transformation by Brennan! Thanks for the giveaway which will help some lucky reader become a better photographer!

  155. Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us. This is the first website I found when I began my photography journey a few years ago and it is because of Courtney’s fantastic blog that I started to shoot in manual mode. I joined clickin moms at the beginning of this year and just love it. It was so great to read your story and see your growth. Thanks for offering such an amazing prize!

  156. This really gives me hope! I am a self taught armature photographer, aspiring to take it to the next level. Lovely story!

  157. Great progress. It is amazing how far you have come with dedication and persistence.

  158. My dad was the first to inspire me to give photography a try. He let me fool around on his SLR (an old Nikon). I got discouraged because it was hard and put it away. My then boyfriend (now husband) encouraged me to pick it up again giving me his old SLR (a Pentax) which eventually broke and he bought me a Nikon D80 right before we left for China. One day, when we actually have money, I will learn how to use it to its best ability and not fumble around so much but my D80 has thus far served me well! I hope I can win this competition because Clickin Moms would help me SO much!

  159. What a fantastic photography journey, this art is all about growth and discovering your style! I love that you shared the progression of your work throughout your years!
    Kimberley recently posted..Weekly Meal Plan

  160. Thank you so much for sharing your journey!

  161. I have always had a passion for photography. Along the way friends and family have always supported me but my husband has by far been the most encourging.

    Reading your story was such an inspiration too. It’s nice to be reminded that everyone had to start somewhere, and with perserverience and passion you can get to where you want to be!

  162. Having a family and loving nature. I love capturing the beauty…or learning to.
    Sarah C. recently posted..Morning Light on my Girl

  163. Wow – what a remarkable journey! Thank you for sharing. I’m a scrapbooker, and started following the amazing Sarah Cornish (My4Hens) after hearing her on The Digi Show (a podcast about digital scrapbooking). I started following her and other photographers on Facebook, and one day after a particularly amazing image I emailed Sarah and asked her — how do I learn to do THAT? She pointed me to ClickinMoms to get started, and I’m so glad she did!!!

  164. avatar Tammy Loveless :

    Love your wonderful story. I really did lol. What a great experience to start out with someone like that. I am a self taught(and boy can you tell it) hobbyist. Hopefully someday I can shoot in manual with confidence. I am starting Lynne’s Best Darn Class next week. YEA

  165. avatar Megan Schreurs :

    What an amazing chance! Thank you! My high school art teacher encouraged me to take her photography class and introduced me to the world of photography.

  166. Wow, this is so awesome!

    I guess I was inspired by a small group of moms whom I known online, we had been online friends for awhile, sharing the trials and tribulations of motherhood, and when some of them got DSLRs and started sharing about it, I wanted to learn too.
    nicole recently posted..evening light

  167. What an awesome progression! Thank you for sharing!
    Melissa Ives recently posted..Vintage in the Valley 2013 | Appleton, Neenah, Oshkosh family photographer

  168. I just got a DSLR a few weeks ago. This blog has taught me so much already! I loved this post as the first picture of nearly all my attempts looks like the bright white one! But I’m getting the hang of it. (I think.) Thanks for the chance to win a membership to clickin moms!
    Jamie recently posted..Keeping on

  169. I was simultaneously encourage and inspired by the birth of my daughter. As with so many new mothers, I wanted to document the journey of my daughter as she began her life and through her life. To capture love in pictures. To build a stack of good vibes in prints, so that she would always be able to remember in her heart, looking at the images, even what she might not be able to remember in her head, as the years passed. The surprise to me was that having a daughter unlocked a vault of creativity that I had carefully stored away years ago in search of education, security, stability. Seeing my daughter approach the world with curiosity and excitement, I remembered that I, too, used to love things that were not “necessary”. I, too, used to love the world just the way it was, just for being, the big parts and the little parts and all the parts between. I used to do things just because I like doing them. One of the things I used to like to do was take pictures – on the little pink film camera I received as a seventh birthday present. So, now I am doing it again. (Thank you for sharing your journey!)

  170. What a great journey. I’m so inspired to push myself more.

  171. My dad inspired me to take up photography. He gave me my first DSLR and every upgrade or lens/ photography accessories have been bought by him. Great journey.

  172. Wow incredible journey! I can definitely relate the first time I tried to take a photo (heck even still now I have trouble overexposing in full sun) it looked like that! I just finished CM shooting 101 and am about to start shooting 201 with Lynne next month. I love learning and practicing and seeing the progress I’ve made.

  173. Wonderful journey! You’re amazing :) My friends are the ones who have pushed me along on my journey.

  174. LOVE seeing your journey! It gives me hope! I’ve always loved photography, but it wasn’t until our third child was born did I decide to actually start learning about the art. Isn’t it crazy to look at previous images that we thought were “good”?! Not that I’m good, but I hope I’m improving!! Thanks for sharing your journey!

  175. I love seeing your progress. I have been inspired by so many talented women. Lacey Meyers was probably my first inspiration to push myself and capture my kids everyday

  176. My journey started with wanting to document my kids. I was inspired by other moms who were learning and thought I could do it too! Thank you for sharing your journey, beautiful work!

  177. When I first shot in M I thought I was giving the professional photographers a run for thief money too! Your pictures are beautiful! I got started shooting in M when I had my little boy. I hope I win:)

  178. Did you thinking taking the shooting 101 was worth it after shooting in M for a while? I am debating taking it, but have been shooting in M for almost a year. Thanks!

    • I took Shooting 101 after I had been shooting in manual mode for 8 months. It filled in some holes for me and I loved the feed back.

      • Totally agree wtih Courtney…I had been in manual for 9 months and it gave me such a solid foundation-really educated me on things I did not even know existed! I think the title is deceiving-it is tempting to want to skip over it onto other courses–but this is just so worth it!

  179. Thanks for sharing your journey and what an amazing PIF! :)

  180. Oops, commented without sharing who encouraged/inspired me. My children definitely are the ones that have inspired me to take up photography & learn more. They inspire me to capture them as they are!

  181. The original person who started me on my photography journey was my father who encouraged me as a teen to in manual on his SLR. Later in life when I finally got my DSLR, Kat Clark introduced me to Clickin’ Moms which has been invaluable.

  182. Having my kids and wanting to beautifully capture all their milestones is what inspired me!

  183. After having kids [especially after having the second baby], my interest in photography really took off!
    Vaune Wolters recently posted..This is how we camp, this is how we camp…

  184. avatar Cynthia Dawson :

    I feel like I’ve been encouraged by so many in my photography journey!! Mainly my friend Jenny who started shooting in manual and I loved the work she produced so I started learning manual too!!

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  185. Great journey! I hope to be half as good someday!!

  186. My dad was my inspiration.

  187. Inspiring story! Becoming a mom inspired me to become a better photographer. Great giveaway, love it that you are paying it forward and I want to be able to do the same someday.

  188. I was inspired by my wedding photog and then many other bloggers. along the way.

  189. avatar Nicole Israel :

    What a fabulous article and journey! Thank you for sharing! XO!

  190. Such great progress! It is inspirational to all of us! I would love to grow more in my photography this year. Thanks for sharing your story.

  191. I am just now starting my photography journey. I am seeking out blogs like this for my inspiration to turn my passion into a career. :)

  192. What an inspiring story with beautiful images to accompany it. Thank you so much for sharing your progress and journey! My children inspired me to start photography and a wonderful friend of mine did the same as Courtney did for you. My friend was such an incredible support and was so selfless with the information she shared with me. I will forever be grateful. Though I’m already a CM member, I would LOVE the opportunity for a Lifetime Membership, what a wonderful PIF! :-)

  193. avatar Mallory Urquhart :

    Ooooo i need to take the shooting 101 and 201 class! Wow what a change that made in your shooting, thanks for sharing.

  194. You’re lucky you had such a wonderful friend who explained it all!

  195. My children inspire me to learn.

  196. Thanks for sharing your journey!

  197. avatar Kim Peterson :

    Thank you so much for sharing your journey. What wonderful progress – I just love your images taken yesterday! I can definitely relate to the process. I started my journey about a year and a half ago. I was inspired by the beauty around me – family and nature – and wanted to make better use of my Rebel Xsi to capture life more beautifully and creatively. Luckily, I found CM and have learned so much since March of 2012 when I joined.

  198. Such a wonderful story and great progress!! Really, that first photo? LOL ;) Been there, done that.

  199. Thanks so much for sharing your journey! My mom actually encouraged me to start on my photographic journey. She had been telling me that I have an eye, that I see things that others don’t see for quite sometime. She actually bought me my first dslr, which coincidentally was a Nikon d5000 too! I wanted to take a class through the community college, but not by myself. So my mom took the class with me :-) I have been learning and studying and enjoying photography ever since then!

  200. Thanks for this giveaway
    I started my photographic journey to keep a trace of our everyday life, and all the little things we can cherish…

  201. My photography journey started because I wanted to take better pictures of my family. I have always loved photography I just wanted to take it up a notch.

  202. My photography journey started because I wanted to capture my kids as they were growing up. It has been quite the journey and while I am sometimes overwhelmed by how far I have come, I know that there is still so much more to learn! I loved reading about your journey, and what an AMAZING PayItForward!!

  203. Thanks so much for sharing your journey! What a long way you have come!!!

    I’ve been interested in photography as long as I can remember – I used to line up my dolls and take their picture with my little film camera. :)

  204. Thank you for sharing your journey with us and for this super generous PIF!

  205. Seeing my friends pictures on Facebook that they took with their dslrs. There were also some blogs that I read that mentioned their cameras once in a while. After doing some digging, I found this site and couldn’t be happier. Courtney’s tutorials really made things click for me, well enough that I didn’t feel completely lost and pictures were much better. Having a site to come back to for reference like this one def helps when feeling discouraged.
    Michelle B recently posted..31 Day Blog Challenge Day 4 – Best Childhood Memory

  206. My children are my inspiration! My sweet husband bought me a Canon T3i for Christmas and I’ve started teaching myself through online tutorials. That is how I came across this site! :-)

  207. Awesome work. My baby boy is my inspiration. I am excited everyday to watch him learn and grow and capture what I can of his life for him to look back on and remember.

  208. Wow… beautiful journey! I’ve loved photography since high school when I got my first FILM canon rebel. Since then I’ve always been shooting but not really learning. This year, I watched as a girl I know started her own business and I thought “that’s where I would like to be” and I’ve really jumped into the online learning aspect. I might be a few years away from a business, but I’m learning tons. Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

  209. avatar Catherine R. :

    Very cool! Love seeing these journeys. Great work. I’m a CM lifetime member and can say the learning never ends! Thanks for the chance at a future SA workshop.

  210. avatar Catherine R. :

    My dad gave me my first camera at age 12. I was always the family’s photographer. But when I became a SAHM, I decided to finally get off auto and AV.

  211. avatar Shelbie Hankey :

    Isn’t it amazing what a great teacher can do for you? Your work is beautiful. Thank you for the considerate gift!

  212. avatar Jessica Allison :

    Being pregnant with my son inspired me to take pictures, and my amazing husband has been my encouragement and enabler from the beginning. I’d love to be a lifetime member, so please, please, please, pick me!!!

  213. Oh Brennan, thank you for this incredible pay it forward! I’ve always been interested in photography and started “trying” to take good photos when my oldest was an infant. Two years ago an acqaintance of mine sold me her old Rebel for a rock bottom price and that little camera changed my life!

  214. A lot of other photographers I have never met before have inspired me to start my photography journey. I loved looking at the amazing pictures of children and wanted to do that with my own child. So I have started learning everything I can with my point and shoot and I am saving up to buy my first DSLR. I cannot wait. Thank you so much for paying it forward!!

  215. I’ve always loved photography, but I got serious when I had my youngest. And bought my big girl camera. : )
    rachel recently posted..Drechsel Family Fieldtrip #TargetAtTheWing

  216. Of course, my parents cheered me on the whole way, but my biggest influences have been my teacher, Gretchen. I truly wouldn’t be where I am without her.

  217. My best friend saw something in photos I took of my own family. She asked me to photograph her newborn and my love for newborn photography only grew from there!!!

  218. avatar Lindsay Moeser :

    What a wonderful journey you’ve been on. And how awesome that you had Courtney as your personal photography tutor! I would LOVE, love, LOOOOVE to take a Clickin Moms workshop as SA. I am always in awe of the amazing images that come out of them. So pick me please!!!

  219. Awesome progress! I love that you kept that first picture. Yay for friends who want to share their passion!

  220. Great story! My family is my inspiration to take their photos and make memories. Great giveaway!!! Thank you!!!

  221. I was inspired to start learning how to use my camera by a friend from college who posted awesome pictures of her kids online. And when I started looking online to learn more about the dreaded “M” – I found Clickin Moms! And I love that place. :)

  222. I was encouraged to learn more by a friend who is now a CMPro. She suggested I join Clickin’ Moms, and I’m so glad I did! What an amazing journey Brennan. I love your work!

  223. Thanks for sharing your wonderful story and pictures! :) I love seeing the amazing transformation through your pictures! :) Courtney is an inspiration to us all. She, and a few other friends from our Bible Study group in Spokane, influenced my passion for photography. I can remember when Courtney and her friend were discussing DSLR cameras and photography at our friend’s home. I think that’s when her journey began. It seemed like everyone in our bible study group were having babies around the same time and purchasing their first DSLR cameras together. I remember them all having the Nikon D90 cameras and I always enjoyed watching them post their pictures to their family blogs or Facebook. When my turn came to have a baby (well, twins actually), I wanted to get my first DSLR camera as my baby gift from my husband because I knew (like them) that I would be taking a lot of pictures of my babies. Since it’s been a few years since my friends all got their cameras and had their babies, Nikon came out with the upgrade to the D90 with the D7000. I knew nothing about cameras and taking pictures in manual mode prior to purchasing my D7000. I’d asked Courtney all sorts of things about cameras and lens and all that I knew at the time was not to buy the kit lens! She recommended the 50mm f/1.8 as a starting lens. I love it! I’m still learning, every day how to use my camera. I love learning tips and tricks from Click It Up and Notch and Clickin Moms.
    I started reading Click It Up a Notch while I was pregnant with the twins, and was motivated to buy a camera and start learning how to use it. I think I learn something new I’ve only taken one intro course so far (from a friend who is a professional photographer here, where we live now), and I am eager to learn more. Click It Up and Notch and Clickin Moms have become my most frequently visited sites along with Facebook. I am motivated and determined to take better pictures of my twin girls and have learned so much on this wonderful journey.

  224. I would love to win also, I have been leaning on my own for over a year now and have made awesome progress but clearly am missing something. This could help me tremendously I think. Great post btw we all start someplace and you are so lucky to have had someone to ask for guidance along the way. Although I have extended myself out to my city here I find that people are not very open to sharing :(
    Jessica Wirtz recently posted..J’s Easter mini