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I had the pleasure of going on a impromptu photo walk with Aspen Burke, Jen Bacher, Megan Cieloha, and Kim Young while I was at WPPI in 2013. We laughed and took pictures well past when the sunset.

There were several things I loved about the photo walk, getting to watch other photographers I admire in action, playing with an 85mm 1.4 (Thanks, Jen), and talking tons of pictures. One of my favorite parts and my goal was to capture them in action.

All too often we are the ones behind the camera and our children know we always have a camera to our face. You know I’m a huge believer of getting in front of the camera, but I also really wanted a few shots of myself and the other girls in action. How cool will that be for their kids in years to come to look at a photo of their mama doing what she LOVED.

One thing I noticed is we will do some funny things to get “the shot”. I couldn’t help but capture all the different positions photographers get themselves into.








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  1. yea… i can’t squat like that *shakes head*
    Jenny recently posted..PS3 Review: Skylanders Giants

  2. This is so great, Courtney!!! Love those silly poses!

  3. These are great :)
    Lauren recently posted..Wordless Wednesdays: Morning Light

  4. This is so fun! Love seeing you girls in action! :D

  5. This cracks me up because I always feel sore after a session. I have done all of these. Totally sad that I moved away from Vegas right before this- missed being able to meet up with you & Kim. That would have been great.
    Gina recently posted..Picture Perfect Practice ~ Shadows & Silhouettes

  6. yep! it’s when yoga comes in handy!!!!

  7. Yep, and more. I’ve stuck my head inside bushes, hung off railings and walls, and laid down in just about every position you can think of. I get strange looks, but I usually get my shot, so it doesn’t bother me and it often opens a conversation about photography. Lots of fun!

  8. Hahaha, oh yes. Shooting sports, I’ve had to get into some pretty strange positions to get the shot.

  9. I’m always on my tummy trying to get the shot! This one on the dirty railroad was totally worth it!!
    Connie Hanks recently posted..Wings that Fly {Feeling Crafty}

  10. And don’t forget the awkward balancing act in the middle of the creek trying to do a landscape photo of that stream/waterfall. Tripod wedged between the river rocks with camera strap wrapped 3 times around your wrist just in case. Each foot on different rocks of varying shapes, sizes and heights and the awkward bend to look through the viewfinder.

  11. Should try taking these kind of pictures someday. I do crazy things while taking pictures but end of the day forget those and cherish my pictures. Recently took a picture of couple taking a selfie,a best shot of mine.

  12. Yep, Know those poses well, some even cut off the circulation in my legs, but that is the joy of photography.

    When I was into macro photography and digging around on the ground and in the grass; my neighbors were use to seem one pose in particular… down on knees, butt in the air, with nose pressed to the camera and camera and face buried deep in the grass. Needless to say, mosquitoes loved this pose too, so sitting was a bit difficult after a few hours.

    What we wont do to get the best shot.

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