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7 Tips to Help Elevate Your Everyday Images
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7 Tips to Help Elevate Your Everyday Images

Are you feeling uninspired by your everyday images? I have few tips that I hope will help you start taking the kind of day to day images you dream about.

Her tips are so inspirational and her day to day images are so beautiful! Read - 7 Tips for Elevating Your Everyday Images

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    Let your heart guide you

    It doesn’t matter what your style is or what your preferred genre of photography is. Whatever your passion, whatever your joy, listen to your heart.

    Find what it is that fills your heart with joy and go capture that.


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    Know that your voice matters

    You are beautifully unique. There is no one else in this world that is exactly like you. No one will ever be able to create images exactly like you. There is room for every single one of our photographic voices.

    Embrace your beautiful one of a kind voice as you go about capturing your world like no one else can.


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    Find and use light in a way that elevates the message you have in your images

    I adore light. I constantly find myself captivated by the power within light. Light can take many different forms and within those differing forms is enormous power. Learn to use light in a way that strengthens the message you intend within your images.

    In the below image I wanted to portray the feeling of a happy childhood moment on a warm evening so I purposefully used very soft backlight to enhance the mood and feeling I intended within the image.


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    Learn about and begin to use composition in a way that strengthens your images

    There are many compositional tools, which can be used to enhance an image. Composition is simply the purposeful consideration and placement of elements within a frame in such a manner as to enhance the aesthetics of the image.

    In the below image I used the doorframe as a compositional tool and framed my subject in order to draw my viewer’s eye into the frame and towards my subject.


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    Tell a story within your image

    Thinking about the message you want to tell through your images and incorporating elements within your frame to strengthen that story will help you elevate your everyday images.

    In this image I wanted to highlight the bond between sisters, as they read a bedtime story together. I was careful to include elements within the frame that enhanced the story I wanted to tell.


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    Practice as often as you can and ask for critique

    Picking up your camera as often as you are able will result in learning and improvement in your everyday images. I find keeping my camera in an accessible location allows for me to capture images and practice daily.

    Setting goals, personal projects or challenges like Project 52s or 365s are also other great ways to practice and grow as a photographer.

    Additionally, taking the risk of putting yourself out there and asking for feedback and critique on your images is a great way to identify areas for improvement and growth, which in turn will elevate your everyday images.


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    Enjoy the journey

    I believe there is no finish line in this journey called photography. Enjoy your art and embrace the wonderful and exciting journey of learning and discovery within the world of photography.

    Find joy in your journey and I promise you this will result in the elevation of your everyday creations.