How to Manage Time as a Blogger

Besides photography questions one of the biggest questions I get asked is about balancing working at home and being a stay at home mom. I plan on tackling the balance question later but in short, there is never a balance. As a mom of multiple kiddos, I understand the struggles a lot of us face when trying to be as productive as possible and how to manage time better.

Whether you are a blogger or photographer, learning how to manage your time will help with your productivity and give you a better sense of “balance” in your life.

I love to-do lists.

I love schedules.

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How to manage time and be more productive

1. No checking phone/Facebook/email/Instagram the moment my eyes open.
I was the worst about turning off my alarm, rolling over, grabbing my phone to check my email and see what had happened in the world of Facebook since I had stopped checking it only moments before I closed my eyes the night before. I’m sure there are studies saying why this is a bad idea but here is why it didn’t work for me. If I started my day by checking my email and being reminded of all I had to do or even worse starting my day off with a negative email someone sent me, then it set the tone for the rest of the day. I didn’t need to mindlessly search Facebook to wake up.

One of my blogging buddies, Alissa from Creative with Kids told me about a tip she read, you should replace a bad habit with a good habit instead of trying to cut it cold turkey.

I love this idea. I purchased Jesus Calling with a short daily devotion I could read the moment I rolled over instead of Facebook. This changed my attitude for the whole day. You can even purchase a Kindle version so you can easily read it on your phone.

2. Create office hours.
This isn’t rocket science. However, it has taken me years to put these into practice. I no longer answer emails or work on the weekends. That is my time with my family. I try my best to stop working when the kiddos get home from school. Some days I’m more successful than others. If you know what hours you can work during the day you know just how much time you have to be as productive as possible. This helps preventing sitting down at the computer and getting lost on Facebook for 40 minutes.

3. Before I can work I have to…
When I told my husband I recently decided I would not let myself work prior to 9:30am or 10am he looked at me like I was crazy. Why did it matter when I started work? For me, I need to get my kids out the door, shower and get dressed before I sit down for the day. If I try to check email while we are getting ready for school, I lose track of time and then end up yelling for them to hurry when I was the one who got distracted. By saying I can’t check email or Facebook until that time, I am more likely to go shower and get dressed to start my day instead of waiting until 4pm. I LOVE working. I do. It’s crazy. I look forward to Mondays so I can work again. However, with that I had to learn to draw lines otherwise I would be working all the time.

I’m going to slowly phase in other tasks that need to be done prior to starting work like make the bed, do the morning dishes and maybe just maybe fold laundry (but let’s not get crazy). It is a process and right now I’m just at the shower and get dressed stage. Plus, there is something to be said about answering emails in clothes instead of your PJs.

4. Map out my time immediately.
Before I sit and check email or social media, I write down exactly what I have/need to do that day. I write it out by hours. From 10-11am I will work on this. When I used to only write a to-do list I ended up picking and choosing what I wanted to do and then got lost on Facebook. But when my time is schedule for me and I know that from 11am-noon I need to write my newsletter and draft up a post, I have direction.

Also, I try to write the things I don’t want to do down first. Have you heard of the book Eat That Frog! I haven’t read it yet, but the idea is you get the frog first. Meaning you do the thing you don’t want to do first so the rest is easy. If you are like me, then you will stare at the thing you don’t want to do and keep pushing it back until you have fun out of time.

You can purchase The Ultimate Blog Planner to help you stay organized.

5. Schedule Facebook posts one day a week.
As I have mentioned before Facebook is my go to time waster. I may say, I need to go write a post on Facebook and 30 min. later I’m still on there. I now schedule time Monday morning for me to schedule my posts for the entire week. I no longer need to worry about jumping on FB to post. I may hop over to check the interaction but I try to schedule all my posts in advance.

6. Answer emails twice a day.
In the book 4 Hour Work Week the author talks about how he only answers emails twice a day. I’m not there yet. I’m trying too. In my daily, schedule I will schedule out two times a day I get on email and answer everything. However, it is a slow process. Checking email is an addition I didn’t realize I had until I said I couldn’t check it. It’s slow and I’m on the first step – acceptance. But that is a goal of mine.

Obviously, there are thousands of other things you can do to be more productive like exercise and eat right but these are just a few of the things I do and am working on to manage my time better as a work at home/stay at home mom. It isn’t easy but I wouldn’t trade it.

What do you do to be productive through out the day? Share your tips in the comments below.

Why I’m Starting a Photography Project I know I Won’t Finish

I fell in love with photography in 2009. I learned all I could and found out about the Project 365. On January 1, 2010 I started what was to be one of the best things for my photography, a Project 365. You take a photo everyday for a year. That is it. Simple. No rules, just take a photo each day.

I loved it.

I started a photography blog to post my daily images and connect with others who were taking on the challenge. I met some of my favorite photography friends by doing this project. We encouraged each other and cheered each other on.

I captured moments I know I would have missed. I froze the most simple ordinary moments of life into images that I now treasure.

Each year after 2010, I have attempted to complete another 365. Yes, attempted. I have not completed another one. Yet, year after year I keep setting a goal to start and finish another one.

Why repeat this insanity when I clearly keep failing each year?

Because, I’m not failing. I still have images I would have never taken if not having challenged myself to pick up my camera everyday.

There is something magical about those ordinary images you capture because you “had” to take a photo for the day. Whether is it the toys left on the floor because you forgot to take the photo until after the kids went to bed or maybe the sleepy photo of your little one sleeping because you know the only time you have to capture a photo was during nap time.

It doesn’t matter how far you make it. Maybe you go to day 287 or day 8 either way you will be thankful for the images you take.

Instead of looking at the project and thinking, there is NO WAY I can take a photo everyday for a year so I’m not going to even try, think about how far you could make it. Think about the images you will capture because you “had” to.

Not every image is going to be portfolio worthy and that is okay. The important thing is you are picking up your camera each and everyday to challenge yourself.

These ordinary everyday moments you won’t get back. Tackle a project that challenges you.

Please remember just because you don’t complete a Project 365 doesn’t mean you failed. It means you captured (insert number of days you made it) images that you may not have taken other wise. I would call that a success.

Plus, I promise you, by picking up your camera everyday you will improve your photography skills.

So January 1, 2015 I will start my 5th Project 365. Will you be joining me?

Link up with others taking on the project. Comment and encourage each other. They will need your help!

365 photography project-6

365 photography project-8

365 photography project-7

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