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6 Reasons to Try a Video Holiday Card
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This post is sponsored by Animoto.

One of my favorite parts of the holiday season is seeing all the wonderful cards come through the mail with photos and updates on everyone’s lives, especially since we live far away from lots of our friends & family. But, pulling together my own holiday card has been something I have frequently left to the last minute which leaves me stressed about printing & mailing something out in time. This is where the video holiday card comes in, like a super hero, to save the day. Seriously, it seems like it should be complicated to create a video holiday card, but with Animoto it was so simple that it left me feeling like I had missed out on something. Do you need more motivation than just the simplicity of creating one? Just in case you are still on the fence about giving this a try, here are a few more reasons to try a video holiday card this year.

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    No postage

    I think this point kind of says it all with just the headline, but I’ll share just a little more. Sending a video card will save you both the time & the money you would spend on buying + adding stamps (and save you on those long lines at the post office this year as you send your video from the comfort of home!).

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    Include more images & reflect on the year

    One of the struggles I have each year is making sure to pick out just the right card template for the images that I want to share. It takes time to match up the style of the card, find one with enough photo spots, and then figure out where to add the text. But, when I made the video card with Animoto, it was so simple. I added all the photos from the year that I wanted to share, chose the music from their music library (which already has tons of licensed songs ready to go), and clicked preview. It was so fun to look over photos that spanned our whole year in a fun way. The video card allowed me to use way more images than a traditional card would have.

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    Images to sound

    There is just something extra when you see your photos put to music. I think this is true for any video of a collection of photos, but especially around holiday time. You hear those holiday songs that just bring you right to being with friends & family along with seeing their awesome faces in the video.

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    Include video

    Love this point. Like really love that you can add video to the holiday card with Animoto. And it really adds that personal touch that just cannot be included in a traditional holiday card no matter how amazing it is. Think about how many video clips you have taken this past year on your smart phone & how cool it would be to share just a couple of your favorites to show some special moments from your life. This is a feature that can really bring your holiday card to life.

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    Quick & easy (even at the last minute + it won't even cost extra for postage)

    I can’t even tell you the number of years I have procrastinated getting my holiday card created then mailed & found myself stressing out at the last minute. But, with a video card, even if you leave it to the last minute it will all be fine. It doesn’t take long to create the video card and it is even easier to share it (see the next point below!).

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    Easily share on social media

    There are 14 ways built into the Animoto software for sharing (like all the social networking sites; Facebook, Twitter, etc) and if none of the built in links work for you, then you can just copy the link to the video and share it anywhere else!

All images used in the holiday video card are from Suzanne Carey Photography and Suzanne Carey on Facebook.