How To: Photo Transfer Onto Glass

Photo Transfer Onto Glass by Dana Elyse via Click it Up a Notch 1

Today I’m going to show you how to transfer photos onto glass using Mod Podge Photo Transfer. This is something I’ve definitely wanted to try for some time now, but the process looked extremely daunting. I’m here to tell you that it’s actually not as a bad as it looks! I’ve done all the trial […]

Newborn Photography | 4 Tips for Preparing the Parents

Newborn Photography by Alicia Gould 1

Cuddling, posing, and capturing newborns is the best part of the job, right? But taking the time to prepare and educate your clients on newborn photography can make the actual session easier! You have to find the right balance between wanting your clients to sit back and relax by taking care of everything and allowing […]

iPhone Photography Tips and Inspiration

iPhone photography tips and inspiration by Kristin Dokoza via Click it Up a Notch

Use these iPhone photography tips to grow your photography. As a photographer I am struck by little bits of beauty throughout the day. I can’t help but notice how pretty the light changes through a window as a cloud cover passes. Shadows and shapes catch my eye and my mind immediately thinks up a dramatic […]

6 Ways to Practice Photography if You Don’t Have Kids

6 Ways to Practice Photography Without Kids by Cinnamon Wolfe via Click it Up a Notch

When I first began my photography journey, I devoured the seemingly endless stunning images on the photography websites I was stalking. The only problem was that the majority of these images were of beautiful, innocent little children. Why was this a problem? Because I have no beautiful, innocent little children of my own! Well, scratch […]

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Project 365 Journaling Cards – Free Download

Project 365 Journal cards by Jill Levenhagen via Click it Up a Notch

*This post contains affiliate links. Thanks in advance if you purchase something and support Click it Up a Notch. Project 365s are both satisfying and tedious! When I see the images people post online, I am sucked in by the beauty in our everyday life, and the capturing of the simple memories that are fleeting […]

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