Focus Stacking: The secret to increased depth of field in macro photography

screenshot select layers

Have you ever seen a macro shot of an insect or flower and wondered how they got the entire subject in focus? In macro photography, you shoot at a close distance, which results in a very shallow depth of field. Even if the lens is closed down to its smallest aperture such as f/22, it […]

Lens Distortion: What Every Photographer Should Know

lens distortion graphic

*This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for supporting Click it Up a Notch. Ever wondered why your subjects look disproportioned in certain images compared to real life? Or why buildings look like they are tipping? Chances are it’s due to lens distortion.  And no matter how expensive your lens, all have some distortion. The […]

7 tips for choosing which images to print for your home

DSC_0930 lamp

*This post contains affiliate links. Thank you in advance if you purchase something and support Click it Up a Notch. Over the past month I set a goal to print some of my work and use it to decorate my home. As photographers, we invest our time and talents to develop our skills so that […]

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Photography Composition Series: Creating Movement in Your Images


Ever wondered why certain photographs seem to draw you in, making you feel an instant connection to the subject or moment within the frame? Chances are it’s because the image integrates movement, which can communicate mood. Movement is actually a principle of art, along with other principles such as proportion, rhythm, unity, balance, harmony, etc. […]

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Vacation Photography Tips: 6 More Amazing Tips

vacation photography tips 6 more

I recently returned from a trip to Barcelona, Spain.  You can imagine how excited I was for the many photo opps we would encounter! While touring around I took notes on things I wanted to remember about photography for my next trip. Today I want to share some of those tips with you! Also check […]

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