Meditate to find your inner creativity

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I was never the “slow down and take time for myself” kind of person. In fact I only had one pace and it was high speed…I had completely forgotten how to relax. I’m serious! If I had two minutes to do nothing I’d fidget with my phone or create work because I had no idea […]

How to Photograph Parties

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It’s so much fun planning parties for our kids…we put so much into it that we must make it a priority to get it documented somehow! This has been on my mind today as I’m planning my baby’s SECOND BIRTHDAY! It’s a couple days away still so I’ll use pictures from his first birthday in […]

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A Day in The Life of Kelly Garvey


What a perfect day to do a day in the life of post…a day when we weren’t running around like crazy doing the usual and we could move at a slower pace. Thank you Martin Luther King Jr for a day off of normal life We started off by doing NOTHING! reading books, snuggling dogs, […]

Photography Composition: Negative Space


As we explore just some of the many photography composition methods, I would talk about negative space. I love it & use it often. Negative space basically means the space surrounding your main subject. Using negative space is a way to bring out & add emphasis to your main subject even though it might the […]

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Burn Out: It’s Okay to Take a Break

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I was supposed to do a “Day in the Life of” post this month & take pictures of my day from start to finish. In fact I asked if I could pleeeaaase do that for my post this month because the thought of it just sounded so fun to me. I was excited & had […]