How to Photograph Parties

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It’s so much fun planning parties for our kids…we put so much into it that we must make it a priority to get it documented somehow! This has been on my mind today as I’m planning my baby’s SECOND BIRTHDAY! It’s a couple days away still so I’ll use pictures from his first birthday in […]

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A Day in The Life of Kelly Garvey


What a perfect day to do a day in the life of post…a day when we weren’t running around like crazy doing the usual and we could move at a slower pace. Thank you Martin Luther King Jr for a day off of normal life We started off by doing NOTHING! reading books, snuggling dogs, […]

Photography Composition: Negative Space


As we explore just some of the many photography composition methods, I would talk about negative space. I love it & use it often. Negative space basically means the space surrounding your main subject. Using negative space is a way to bring out & add emphasis to your main subject even though it might the […]

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Burn Out: It’s Okay to Take a Break

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I was supposed to do a “Day in the Life of” post this month & take pictures of my day from start to finish. In fact I asked if I could pleeeaaase do that for my post this month because the thought of it just sounded so fun to me. I was excited & had […]

8 Tips for Backlighting

8 Tips for Backlighting via Click it Up a Notch

Shooting into the light is my favorite. I receive emails all the time from people asking what the trick is to backlighting. Most often people say their images are dark or they can’t focus into the light, don’t know how to find the light or have no clue how to position their subject. While this […]

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