3 Tips for Photographing Your Kids Together


Do you struggle with photographing your kids together? I think we all do. Follow these 3 simple tips to snag an image of your kiddos in the same shot. 1. Start with the more willing subjects. A majority of the time when I photograph families there is one child who is more willing to take […]

Photoshop Editing: Simple Two Step Tip


Editing can be time consuming and therefore it is something we put off. However, with this simple tutorial you can easily edit your image by only using two layers in Photoshop. The original photo straight out of Lightroom. Step 1 – Use a curves layer. I won’t actually be using the curve but the dropbox […]

Quick Tip: White Foam board Reflector


One of my favorite tools for shooting in the house when not having a lot of light to illuminate my subject is to use a foam board. These are basic boards you can find at any craft store. I like the one that are a tri-fold. This allows the board to stand on its own […]

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Maternity Photos: A Different Perspective

007 Baby Bump Adalyn-50

Who doesn’t love documenting their pregnancy? Just like everything else we love to photograph, when we become pregnant we want to record our journey. But sometimes getting in front of the camera is the absolute last thing we want to do. Trust me, I’m there right now. I am currently 28 weeks pregnant and my […]

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Before and After Editing: Clean Edit


Hi all, today I wanted to show you one of my basic clean edits that is in my workflow. I love this photo of my daughter that I took with my Lensbaby Spark but as you can see it needs some brightening and warmth to it. So we will start with my SOOC photo. First […]

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