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3 Tips for Photographing Your Kids Together
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Do you struggle with photographing your kids together? I think we all do. Follow these 3 simple tips to snag an image of your kiddos in the same shot.

1. Start with the more willing subjects. A majority of the time when I photograph families there is one child who is more willing to take the photo and my kids are no different. My little man is such a ham and will sit for me and smile away. So I set up my blanket, choose my angle and meter all with just him in the frame to get ready.

2. Always bring another set of hands. Since my daughter is the one who does not like getting her photo taken, she tends to not want to be around during the set up process. I can’t be in two places so I always bring my husband with me. That way when I am prepping he is tending to her and I can focus on what needs to be done before I bring her into the frame. He is also great at fixing things for me and moving the kiddos around.

3. Shoot fast and know your time is limited. I know this common sense but I really have to remind myself when I photograph my own kids. You know the saying kids behave better for others? Well my kids are the hardest subjects I photograph when I’m trying to get that one posed shot. So I go into it ready to hold that shutter down and know that within minutes they are done and I need to be done as well.

Every time I have set up a shoot for my children and remind myself of these three tips, I have always come out with a frame worthy picture. Hope this helps and if you have any other tips that have helped when photographing your own children I’d love if you’d share in the comments below!