How to Manage Time as a Blogger

How to manage time as a blogger via Click it Up a Notch

Besides photography questions one of the biggest questions I get asked is about balancing working at home and being a stay at home mom. I plan on tackling the balance question later but in short, there is never a balance. As a mom of multiple kiddos, I understand the struggles a lot of us face […]

The Ultimate Blog Planner 2015

blog planner-3

I’m excited to announce that I have updated The Ultimate Blog Planner for this calendar year. I firmly believe that if you want your blog to grow and make an income from it, you need to get organized. You need one place for all your thoughts, editorial calendars, income information, social media stats and more. […]

Are you making this common Facebook mistake?

Are you making this common Facebook mistake via Click it Up a Notch

I get asked all the time how do you build a community on Facebook. How do you get more likes? How do you get more shares? How do you get more interaction? This one common mistake may be the reason you are having a hard time growing your Facebook page. Now, before we dive into […]

How to Start a Photography Blog

how to start a photography blog

Do you have all these awesome photos and want to share them with the world or your family and friends? Do you want to start a photography project but need a place to store all your images? Do you want to have your own corner of the internet to post your images with the stories […]

How to Get your Photos Shared on Google Plus

Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 2.06.16 PM

I am still quite new to Google Plus and all that it has to offer. However, I really have enjoyed it and the community of photographers and bloggers I have met. You know how Facebook sometimes uploads your photos and they look a little different than they did in Lightroom? I haven’t had that problem […]

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