Photography Composition Series: Creating Balance & Symmetry

Photography Composition: Creating Balance and Symmetry via Click it Up a Notch

The way you view the world helps shape the way you compose your images with your camera.  The details you choose to include (or leave out) when composing your images tell a story.  They tell the story through your own personal perspective. You can utilize compositional strategies to help strengthen your message to the viewer […]

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Photography Composition Series: Creating Movement in Your Images


Ever wondered why certain photographs seem to draw you in, making you feel an instant connection to the subject or moment within the frame? Chances are it’s because the image integrates movement, which can communicate mood. Movement is actually a principle of art, along with other principles such as proportion, rhythm, unity, balance, harmony, etc. […]

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Photography Composition: Negative Space


As we explore just some of the many photography composition methods, I would talk about negative space. I love it & use it often. Negative space basically means the space surrounding your main subject. Using negative space is a way to bring out & add emphasis to your main subject even though it might the […]

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Photography Composition: 4 Types of Framing

Adventures of Grandma's-58-CIUAN

Framing, photographically speaking, is one of my favorite ways to emphasize the subject I’m photographing. Framing immediately brings attention to your subject. Whether it be a very literal frame (that went through a popular “prop” phase), environmental, or structural framing, framing with light or lack of light, they all work well to bring the viewer’s […]

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Photography Composition: Creating Depth in Your Images


Incorporating depth into images is something that I’ve fallen in love with lately. It is a great concept to utilize when creating images that tell a story.  When an image has depth, it almost feels as if you could step right into the picture.  Let’s talk about some ways that we can effectively incorporate depth […]

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