3 Steps to make a Photo Book in Lightroom

Tips to stream line your photo book creation

*Post contains affiliate links. Thanks in advance if you support Click it Up a Notch. If you are anything like me, you’ve been dutifully practicing all of the amazing tutorials Courtney and her contributors provide on a weekly basis on this blog. Perhaps you purchased Courtney’s ebook The Unexpected Everyday and have been working through […]

Photoshop Editing: Simple Two Step Tip


Editing can be time consuming and therefore it is something we put off. However, with this simple tutorial you can easily edit your image by only using two layers in Photoshop. The original photo straight out of Lightroom. Step 1 – Use a curves layer. I won’t actually be using the curve but the dropbox […]

How to Make a Watermark in Photoshop


Earlier, Courtney posted a tutorial on how to make a watermark in Lightroom. Today, I’ll do a quick tutorial using screenshots on how to make watermark in Photoshop. I’m using CS6, but the steps should the same or similar in other versions of Photoshop. Watermarking your images is very important when using your images on […]

How to Add a Watermark in Lightroom 5 – Video Tutorial

How to add a watermark in Lightroom 5

In this quick video tutorial, learn how to add watermark to an image in Lightroom 5. A task that may seem daunting is actually quite simple. Although adding a watermark isn’t a sure fire way to keep people from using your image without your permission, it is a good way to label your images as […]

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Photoshop Tips: Dramatic Edit


Generally speaking, I prefer clean simple edits. But sometimes images need a little extra editing to fully realize the vision I had while taking them. This image is one where I knew what I wanted, but my almost three year old wasn’t really in the mood where I could direct him (at all). He actually […]

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