Peek Inside My Camera Bag

35mm 1.4

This post contains affiliate links and codes. Thank you if you make a purchase and support Click it Up a Notch. Some of the products were given to me from the companies. Here’s a little behind the scenes look at my gear, why I chose it and what it produces. Camera bags I’m slightly obsessed […]

Go-To Camera Lenses

Go-to camera lenses - 85mm 1.8D

*This post contains affiliate links. Thank you in advance if you support Click it Up a Notch. I get at least one email a day asking about lenses. What lens should I buy? What if I want to capture _______? We wrote an extensive series on camera lenses to try and help answer those questions. […]

Quick Tip: White Foam board Reflector


One of my favorite tools for shooting in the house when not having a lot of light to illuminate my subject is to use a foam board. These are basic boards you can find at any craft store. I like the one that are a tri-fold. This allows the board to stand on its own […]

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DIY Ice Light

DIY Ice Light

Have you heard of the Ice Light? Well, it is an awesome portable continuous light source that is handheld, dimmable, and lightweight. Sounds awesome, right? Well it is. It is also around $500. While that is a very valid investment if you will use it often. But most of us may not know how often […]

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9 Tips for Using Macro Filters

macro filters

Want a new photography toy to play with that costs $9.95? That’s right, I said NINE DOLLAR (and 95 cents!) Are you intrigued yet?!!! When I first heard about macro filters, I skimmed over the raves and photos and looked right at the price—and promptly followed the link and pressed buy! I knew I just […]

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