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5 Reasons You Don’t Need Clients to be a Professional Photographer
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5 Reasons You Don’t Need Clients to be a Professional Photographer

There is a huge misconception in the photography industry. The thought that you MUST have a client base to be considered a professional photographer.

I've wrestled with whether I wanted to take on clients in the past. This post speaks to me on so many levels. Read - "5 Reasons You Don't Need Clients to be a Professional Photographer"

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Clients are great. Having clients is a way to make income, pay bills, and be profiting from your skills as a photographer. However, I firmly believe that being a photographic artist does NOT mean that you MUST have a client base. Art is that… it’s art.

The way you see and envision something beautiful, then create it with your artistic medium. Need more convincing? Then join me, with these top 5 reasons you don’t need to have clients to be a professional photographer.

  • No.
    ART: Dictionary description

    Noun; the quality, production, expression, or realm, according to aesthetic principles, of what is beautiful, appealing, or of more than ordinary significance. No where in that description does it say MUST BE PAID. Just saying…


  • No.
    Your photographic art is not determined by a paycheck

    Look at nature and architectural photographers. They, many times, take a chance at photographing something they see as beautiful and worthy. A photograph that makes them happy, and their artistic soul feel complete.

    Their paycheck may not come at all, or come at a later time when someone wishes to purchase their art. The same goes for this thought. If taking images of your own child is what makes your creative soul happy, then bust a move and get snapping.


  • No.
    Enjoy your work, without the hassle of owning a business

    YES and so much more yes. When you take away the clients, you don’t have to worry about the income… taxes… and business side of being a photographer. You are your own client, therefore there is no money being transferred. Enjoy this because business owning and running is HARD.


  • No.
    Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder

    Your children are beautiful pieces of heaven, and your work of them is ART. Never make yourself feel like your work is anything less than artistic, due to the simple fact that you enjoy photographing your own children, rather than chasing clients or hiring a model for a shot.


    Children are beautiful, every child, every size shape color, you name it. Capturing your own children, being messy little heathens, or dressed up in couture gowns, is as enjoyable as it comes. Those special moments, within your own life, is something you can cherish for now until the end of time. So enjoy them, photograph them, and share them with others (if you wish).


  • No.
    There is nothing wrong with not wanting a client base

    When you have a client base, you have to shoot for other people. Of course they book you for your photographic expression, but you are capturing memories & moments that they will be cherishing. So there is the pressure of getting that perfect shot, and making others happy.

    When you take that out of the equation, you relieve a lot of stress from your shoulders.


Need some people to look up to? Photographers who love to photograph their own children, and not just those of clients. Then take a gander and follow these wonderful and inspirational photographers, then thank me later:

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*Jackie’s most famous face (and favorite subject) on her page is her african american daughter, Nora.

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*Annes most famous image is that of her son. You will find a constant stream of her sweet 3 littles on her page.

***Added by Courtney Slazinik***
Megan Cieloha | Megan Cieloha
*Megan is the reason I got into photography. She’s an amazing teacher and captures her everyday life with her 3 boys beautifully. She knows how to rock her indoor lighting.