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How I made 3 photo books in 4 hours
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How I made 3 photo books in 4 hours

I am WAY behind on editing. Like embarrassingly behind. But I didn’t want that to stop me from printing images for my kids to enjoy.

Who doesn’t love giving their images as gifts?

This year, each one of my three children received an Artifact Uprising photo book with around 100 images featuring them throughout the year. Like I said, I’m behind on editing and don’t have all our pictures from the past year ready but I realized I could easily pull out some of my favorites for my kids.

The best part is I made all 3 albums in about 4 hours!

Let me show you how to make a photo book in no time at all.

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How to make a photo book

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    Keyword Your Favorites

    I pulled up my 2014 catalog in Lightroom and quickly scrolled through looking for my favorite images of my children through the year. I picked one image from an event if there were multiple I enjoyed. I then used the Keyword option to label which of my children were in the photo. You can find this feature on the lower right hand side of the Library Mode.

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    Create a Smart Collection for each kid.

    After I found my favorites I set up a Smart Collection for each kid. This is super easy. Head over to “Collections”, right click, select “create smart collection”. Once in the settings choose “keyword” and the keyword you used for that collection.


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    Final edits

    Once I had about 100 images for each of my kids in their Smart Collections, I went through and made any final edits.

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    Export for print

    Export all the images for print and place them in one folder so they are easy to find.
    export print Lightroom

Total time: 3 hours

Break this up. I did one kid per day which was about an hour a day.

Time to print!

I had seen Artifact Uprising at a couple of different conferences I went to. I loved that they are a small company, helping people print their photos and used recycled paper to do it.

Using their photo book system, I was able to upload the images from a single folder for a single kid. They have a variety of layout templates but not so many that they are overwhelming.

It didn’t take long to drop and drag the images into the book I wanted.

I opted not to add words as I wanted to not put too much pressure on myself since I knew it was better to get the book printed then let it hang over my head until I had time to add text to every images.

Total time: 1 hour

That is it! In 4 hours I had selected, designed, and uploaded 3 photo books.

Photobooks from Artifact Uprising

Artifact Uprising books

The best part is my kids LOVE the books! They were so excited to see these images they had seen on my computer now in their hands. They have the freedom to look at the books whenever they want.

What are you waiting for print your images!


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