Photography Project – One subject, 30 days


It started with a shooting prompt, “Shoot the same thing for thirty consecutive days”. I had been documenting my oldest daughter’s love for her stuffed chicken for a few months on Instagram, complete with it’s own #thingschickenslove hashtag. Her favorite book series, Tilly and Friends by Polly Dunbar is built around a little girl and several […]

Instagram: Tips and Printing Ideas


As a professional photographer, I am naturally drawn to Instagram as my social media of choice. I feel more connected there and find people in general have to be more deliberate about what they post because they need a photo to go with it. Plus, it inspires people to take more photos which is always […]

Have You Met Lana Tavolario?

Excited about our Have You Met series where I showcase YOU, the photographers of our community. We had over 400 photographers apply for the series in less than a week. I can’t wait to showcase the talented photographers. There is a mix of hobbyist and business owners as well as full-frame and crop sensor users. […]

5 Tips to Capture True Emotion


In the spirit of Valentines this weekend I want to talk about how we can grow as photographers from capturing loved ones. It seems like a pretty simple concept, but lets dig deeper and discover how rewarding it can be! I recently shot a session of a beautiful family who also happens to be my […]

How I made 3 photo books in 4 hours


I am WAY behind on editing. Like embarrassingly behind. But I didn’t want that to stop me from printing images for my kids to enjoy. Who doesn’t love giving their images as gifts? This year, each one of my three children received an Artifact Uprising photo book with around 100 images featuring them throughout the […]