#1 Tip for Completing a Project 365

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Have you ever thought of doing a Project 365 but been overwhelmed at the idea of taking a photo every single day for a year? It seemed like a daunting task to me, so I wanted to find out what it was that keeps all those Project 365ers going day after day, the struggles they […]

3 Tips for Photographing Your Kids Together


Do you struggle with photographing your kids together? I think we all do. Follow these 3 simple tips to snag an image of your kiddos in the same shot. 1. Start with the more willing subjects. A majority of the time when I photograph families there is one child who is more willing to take […]

Focus Stacking: The secret to increased depth of field in macro photography

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Have you ever seen a macro shot of an insect or flower and wondered how they got the entire subject in focus? In macro photography, you shoot at a close distance, which results in a very shallow depth of field. Even if the lens is closed down to its smallest aperture such as f/22, it […]

6 Tips for Storytelling Photography

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Although I love to take posed portrait images, my main photography inspiration comes from my desire to capture those mundane, everyday moments with my son. I want these photographs to be able to transport me back to the day the photo was taken, to that very moment in time. Whilst most definitely a single image […]

Hiring a Photographer Abroad

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Have you read our two previous posts on travel photography? Be sure to check those out. Travel photography: What to pack Travel photography: 12 Tips for Europe Shortly after we booked our trip to Europe, I knew I wanted to hire a photographer to capture my husband and I in Paris. After all, we were […]