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3 Tips to Photograph the Child Who Doesn’t Smile
Photography Ideas
3 Tips to Photograph the Child Who Doesn’t Smile

I’m sure most of you are just like me, your story all started with a baby, your obsession to document their every move turned into a very handy skill to have around the house. You thought for sure everyone would love and appreciate your skills and then it happens. That said baby turns into the kid who refuses to look at your camera (yet swears she’s looking right at you) and if you’re lucky you end up with pictures like this…

no smile-11no smile-10

Thanks kid, that was the expression I was going for ;) Sometimes, your kid just doesn’t like to smile for the camera, and if you force it you end up with something tragic like the above picture. Trust me I get it! I’ve spent countless moments frustrated that the look my daughter gravitates to (which is coming soon) does not showcase her super extrovert, giggly self in the slightest. After months of frustration I finally lost hope of capturing that girl and funny thing happened, by taking my focus off of that expression I’ve gained all sorts of unique images of her! So today I’m sharing the 3 ways I’ve embraced my child who doesn’t smile for the camera.

  • No.
    1. Change your focus

    no smile-4

    I know you really want that smile, but by changing what you’re focusing on you end up having memories of your child’s beautiful long lashes, or the baby hair that sweeps across her face. Find the little things about your child that you never want to forget and focus on those. Their hands won’t be this little a year from now, or those teeny tiny toes…

    no smile-8

  • No.
    2. Give them something to do

    no smile-3

    There are times I can tell my daughter straight up wants NOTHING to do with my camera. But I still want to document the moment we are in. So I’ll just tell her to keep doing what she’s doing and ignore me. I’ll sit far away like a fly on the wall, peeking in on her adventures or cuddles with her brother.

    no smile-7

    Other times I’ll get up close, in the moment, but I’m not asking for any interaction from her, I’ll just let her be. These are usually the times I get the most genuine perspective on the moment.

    no smile-9

  • No.
    3. Embrace it

    no smile-5


    Here’s where you get to see the expression that my daughter is most at home with in front of the camera. I’ve stopped fighting it and have chosen to actually embrace it, she doesn’t want to smile, fine then, give me those fierce eyes!

    no smile-6

Now I won’t go as far as to promise this last part BUT I’m pretty confident that if you do some of the steps above, well sometimes you’ll get what you want..

no smile-12

Now there’s my silly Bee-Girl :)