Newborn Photography Tips | Wrapping

Newborn photography tips | wrapping by Alicia Gould via Click it Up a Notch

Wrapping a newborn for photos doesn’t only soothe them to get better images, but helps to add texture and interest to your images. Follow these 7 newborn photography tips focused on helping you nail wrapping the little one. Newborn photography tips | Wrapping 1. Invest in different lengths and textures. If you really fall in […]

Travel Photography – 12 Tips for Europe

Travel photography tips

*Post contains affiliate links. Thank you if you make a purchase and support Click it Up a Notch. We recently returned from 2 weeks in Europe. It was wonderful and a photographer’s dream! Travel photography is not my thing but I did learn several things along the way. All the images below were taken with […]

How to Build Confidence as a Photographer: Part Two


After I wrote my post about how to build confidence as a photographer, I thought of a few more ways and wanted to share them with you. 1. Share Yourself. I really believe in sharing.  For this example, I’m talking about sharing your talent.  Most people would say that if they could save anything from […]

Meditate to find your inner creativity

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I was never the “slow down and take time for myself” kind of person. In fact I only had one pace and it was high speed…I had completely forgotten how to relax. I’m serious! If I had two minutes to do nothing I’d fidget with my phone or create work because I had no idea […]

5 Beach Photography Tips

Beach photography tips via Click it Up a Notch

If you are wanting to capture images while at the beach then you need to read these beach photography tips. From protecting your gear to tackling the light, this tutorial has lots of information you can’t miss. 1. Protect your gear It is so important to protect your gear when you are shooting at the […]