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Why I Chose a Fuji Mirrorless Over a Full-Frame
Why I Chose a Fuji Mirrorless Over a Full-Frame

Friends, I can’t believe I’m actually saying this, but I’ve fallen in love with a camera that is NOT a full frame camera!!!

I remember dreaming of that beautiful full frame camera, being overjoyed the day I finally could upgrade, and don’t get me wrong, I still LOVE that camera, but not all the time. Like the park, I would dread bringing my ‘big’ camera, I felt like I was drawing so much attention to myself with that giant thing in my hand.

I've actually never thought about getting a smaller camera, but her reasons for going with a mirrorless are perfect! Read - "Why I Chose a Fuji Mirrorless Over a Full Frame."

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The weight, oh the weight of that camera, not to mention the amount of space it took up, this momma still has kids in diapers, which means I also hold my kids a lot, a baby on one hip and a super heavy diaper bag on the other arm equals no fun at all!

And then there was this factor, something I never really expected. But once I pulled that full frame camera out, I held myself to this standard I didn’t always want to achieve. I never felt like I could just capture a snapshot moment, it had to be GOOD. Before, I would turn to my iphone to give me the freedom to not worry about all the technical aspects of a perfect image buuuut, it still has it’s limits.

I needed something in between those two options and I’m happy to say I’ve found it!

Fuji Mirrorless

I introduce, the Fuji X-T1!!!! This beauty has solved all the problems I mentioned above and even has a few extra bonuses!

The Fuji X-T1 is a mirrorless camera so it’s significantly smaller than my Canon Mark iii as you can see below (taken with iphone).


It still has many of the manual adjustment capabilities as my full frame camera including a view finder! My biggest drawback to most all of the mirrorless cameras was that you looked at a screen instead of through a view finder. I didn’t want to loose that aspect of photography so I was thrilled when this camera also had one!


The next thing that has been such a great added bonus for me is the ability to wirelessly connect to my iphone to download any of the photos I want to put on my phone! Again, this wasn’t a feature that my Canon had and let me tell you, I have LOOOOVED this feature! So many of my Instagram photos are taken with the Fuji. The ability to snag one photo quickly has been a game changer for me!


And speaking of connecting to my iphone, I can also use my phone as a wireless remote! We all know how important it is to get in the frame with your family so I still get to with this bad boy.

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I even used the camera for a maternity session! If none of those other factors have convinced you of my love for this camera, I’m pretty sure saying that I trusted it for AN ACTUAL SESSION should prove that it really is a quality camera!

Now I wouldn’t recommend this camera for say a family photo shoot because you really can’t beat the fast shutter of a full frame camera but it does a pretty decent job when you’ve got two adults in front of you :)

So if you’re like me, and you want an option that still gives you quality images with a light weight camera then I will encourage you to take a look at the Fuji X-T1. And I’d love to hear if any of you have a mirrorless camera that you’ve fallen for as well, leave a comment here!