Photography Goals 2015

photography goals 2015

Each year I write down a few photography goals for the year. Each year I fail to complete some of these goals but at least I’m trying, right? I’m sure this year won’t be any different but it is worth writing them down and putting it out there. Hopefully you guys can help encourage me […]

Welcome New Contributors – 2015


We are truly blessed by the amazingly talented contributors. These photographers are not only talented in photography but have a gift for sharing their knowledge with us. I don’t doubt we will all be learning new things this coming year from these ladies. Please help me welcome the new contributors and thank the older ones […]

Best Photography Tips of 2014

best photography tips 2014

Each year I like to showcase our best photography tips from the past year for you. We work hard all year to provide you with the best photography tips to help you improve your photos. Thank you to each and everyone of you who has shared, pinned, tweeted, or told a friend about Click it […]

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Photography Project Ideas

Photography Project ideas

I love finding awesome photography project ideas and projects that people are tackling. Many people take on a new photography project at the beginning of the year. I have tackled several different projects over the years and I love sharing some of my favorites as well as some new ones. As with many things in […]