Food Photography Lighting

SOOC. No reflector. ISO 800  f3.2  1/125

Probably the single biggest question I get about food photography is lighting. Just like photographing anything else, food photography lighting can make or break your food shots but let’s talk about something more than just finding the best natural light in your house. What if you are one of those people who can only shoot […]

Gift Ideas for Photographers

Gift ideas for photographers via Click it Up a Notch

Finding the right gift can be a challenge. We wanted to help you whether you are searching for someone or don’t know what to ask for, we have created a great list of gift ideas for photographers. Our list includes some of our favorites and some we are hoping for as well. Some links are […]

The Ultimate Blog Planner 2015

blog planner-3

I’m excited to announce that I have updated The Ultimate Blog Planner for this calendar year. I firmly believe that if you want your blog to grow and make an income from it, you need to get organized. You need one place for all your thoughts, editorial calendars, income information, social media stats and more. […]

How to Start a 365 Photography Project

Forever Notes by Marissa Lynn

It’s no secret I believe everyone should do a 365 photography project at some point in their photography journey. Even if you do not complete the project, there is something to be said about picking up your camera everyday to practice your craft. Plus shooting for yourself, especially if you are in business, can remind […]

Tamron 70-200mm 2.8 Review

Tamron 70-200mm f-2.8-2

When Tamron sent me the 70-200mm f/2.8 Di VC USD I was over the moon. This lens has been on my list for years and it didn’t disappoint. I know my review won’t do this lens justice so do me a favor, head out this weekend and rent it. Play with it, fall in love […]