Ultimate Blog Planner: Essential Organizational Tool

The Ultimate Blog Planner

There is something I love just as much as photography…organizing and office supplies! Oh, it is like Christmas morning getting a new binder with dividers or cleaning out a closet and putting everything in a nice bin! That is why I am so excited about this blog planner. Since I started my blog two years […]

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10 Tips to Photograph Children Together

10 tips to photograph children together

You might think that it is all down to the moment when the shutter closes when you photograph children but actually, it starts way before then. And although acting a clown to get those smiles is definitely a requirement, the key to ensuring a successful children’s session begins in the planning. 10 tips to photograph […]

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Critique Me-Sonomi at Sonomi J Photography

Sonomi J Photography

Remember: -Read How to Critique a Photo -Make a critique sandwich – something positive, something you would have done differently, something positive -My rule: no improvement tip = deleted comment -This will benefit the person leaving the photo critique just as much if not more than the person receiving the critique. Thank you to Sonomi […]

3 Everyday Photography Tips

photography tips allison jacobs

We get so busy trying to capture the perfect photo that we often forget the everyday photography. I would guess to say that the majority of us got into photography to learn to capture our everyday better. Use these three tips to help you. 1.Find the Light This could be window light, outside light or […]

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Indoor Sports Photography Tips: Video Q and A

I’m am just thrilled to launch this new part of my site. I am taking on your questions and answering them as if we are friends hanging out at my house. I find it is sometimes easier to understand and explain things through talking than writing. This leads me to our video Q&As!! How it […]