5 Tips to Help Organize Photos

organize your photos

It’s the beginning of the year and everyone has fantastic intentions for the year. One popular one is to get organized. Let’s organize photos!! You work so hard to capture these beautiful moments, you don’t want them to get lost on your hard drive and never be able to find them when you need to. […]

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Critique Me-Lani at Lani Holmes Photography

Lani at Lani Holmes Photography

Remember: -Read How to Critique a Photo -Make a critique sandwich – something positive, something you would have done differently, something positive -My rule: no improvement tip = deleted comment -This will benefit the person leaving the photo critique just as much if not more than the person receiving the critique. Thank you to Lani […]

How to Nail White Balance Like a Pro


I have a new favorite thing that I MUST share with all of you! It’s called the Expodisc, and it has changed my photography life! It’s a tool for creating custom white balance and has helped the color tones in my images be the best they can be in the quickest time possible. Tired of […]

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Photography Goals for 2013

photoraphy goals

Each year I sit down and make goals just like everyone else. Like always, I call them goals rather than resolutions. I just feel like goals are more attainable. I make goals for a lot of areas of my life, my personal life, blog, and photography goals. I feel it is really important to sit […]

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7 Photography Project Ideas 2013

photography project ideas

Each year we make goals for our photography. I’ll touch on that more later but let’s talk about some a possible photography project you could take on in 2013. By working on a photography project you can improve your photography for free. When I took on my first photography project in 2010, I would never […]

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