Self Portraits Made Easy

self portrait pull back

I think we can agree that a self portrait is a daunting task. For one, most photographers are not as comfortable being in front of the camera as we are behind it. We get used to being the one instructing and perfecting our scene, pushing the shutter and making our subject look fabulous. But the […]

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The Secret to Capture Christmas Light Bokeh Background

pullback for Christmas light bokeh

Do you see these photos of the Christmas light bokeh background and a child wonderful exposed and wonder, how did they do that??? The secret to capturing one of these images is not a fancy flash or light set up. It is…are you ready for it?? Natural light. Hopefully your tree is by a window. […]

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Creating Dramatic Light in a Small Space

Celeste Pavlik

I shoot in natural light and low light. I adore dramatic light. The kind that makes me suck in a quick breath when I see it and causes my heart to skip a beat or the kind that makes me take a wild u-turn because I saw a beautiful patch of light and my kids […]

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Holding on Little Tighter


Like so many of you, I have been extremely saddened by what happened on Friday. No mother should have to go through what far too many mothers had to experience on Friday. I have no words. So, the photographer in me took a picture. I am holding my girls a little tighter these days and […]

Shooting for Black and White Photographs

black and white photography

As someone who processes the majority of her work in black and white, I’m often asked how I know what will make a good black and white image. Sometimes I’m asked if I “see” in black and white before I shoot as well as how do I convert to black and white. So that’s what […]

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