Shots for Jen


Last week the photography world lost a beautiful soul, Jen Thompson. I didn’t know her personally but she had a big affect on the photography community, you can read more about her story, Am I Still a Girl. Plus, she was a mother of 2 small boys and aren’t we as moms all connected. Clickin’ […]

What to Wear in Family Photos-October 2012


Who doesn’t love fall photos?? I know we need to get some family photos taken soon. Use these ideas for figuring out what to wear in your next family photos.

Critique Me-Lauren at Create Something Out of Nothing

lauren at create something out of nothing

Remember: -Read How to Critique a Photo -Make a critique sandwich – something positive, something you would have done differently, something positive -My rule: no improvement tip = deleted comment -This will benefit the person leaving the photo critique just as much if not more than the person receiving the critique. Thanks to Lauren of […]

8 Tips for Photographing Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner. Be sure to capture those special memories with these tips! 1. Get Your Portraits First Just like in a session, you want to get your most important shots done first. You want the cute shot of your little one posing in their outfits right? Do it first thing when […]

Street Photography: 9 Tips to Follow

street photography tips

I adore street photography and find it some of the most interesting photography to look at it. It really is so appealing to me. However, it is hard stuff. You would think taking your camera to a city you would find 1,000 things to photograph. Well this is true but finding ways to make them […]

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