The Secret to Capture Christmas Light Bokeh Background

pullback for Christmas light bokeh

Do you see these photos of the Christmas light bokeh background and a child wonderful exposed and wonder, how did they do that??? The secret to capturing one of these images is not a fancy flash or light set up. It is…are you ready for it?? Natural light. Hopefully your tree is by a window. […]

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Creating Dramatic Light in a Small Space

Celeste Pavlik

I shoot in natural light and low light. I adore dramatic light. The kind that makes me suck in a quick breath when I see it and causes my heart to skip a beat or the kind that makes me take a wild u-turn because I saw a beautiful patch of light and my kids […]

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Holding on Little Tighter


Like so many of you, I have been extremely saddened by what happened on Friday. No mother should have to go through what far too many mothers had to experience on Friday. I have no words. So, the photographer in me took a picture. I am holding my girls a little tighter these days and […]

Shooting for Black and White Photographs

black and white photography

As someone who processes the majority of her work in black and white, I’m often asked how I know what will make a good black and white image. Sometimes I’m asked if I “see” in black and white before I shoot as well as how do I convert to black and white. So that’s what […]

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Ultimate Blog Planner: Essential Organizational Tool

The Ultimate Blog Planner

There is something I love just as much as photography…organizing and office supplies! Oh, it is like Christmas morning getting a new binder with dividers or cleaning out a closet and putting everything in a nice bin! That is why I am so excited about this blog planner. Since I started my blog two years […]

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