Critique Me Photo Submission Form

The first 12 people who sign up and are eligible* will be added to the list to have their image critiqued in the Critique Me series. I will also keep the form open for 24 hours and select randomly 4 more people who are eligible* to be added to the list. The form is now […]

26 Unique Photo Gift Ideas


This year I wanted to give gifts that were a little more heart felt and personal.  As I started thinking about what I would do or make, I realized how many wonderful photos I have that are sitting on my computer where no one can enjoy them! I created fabulous list of photo gift ideas.  […]

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Finding Light in Unexpected Places

dramatic light

You would be amazed at the light you have around your house that you don’t even think about. Can you guess what light I used to take this image? My freezer. Yup, my freezer! Here are a few simple steps to help you achieve an image like this. 1. Turn off you all the lights […]

2 Apps to Help You Be Productive


Have you ever spent too much time on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest when you should have been editing, answering emails, or getting other work done on the computer?? Yeah, me too! I am so guilty of sitting down to get busy and think “I’ll just check Facebook for just a minute.” 30 minutes later I […]

Gift Giving Guide: 25 Ideas for Holiday Gifts


I am excited to take part in this awesome gift giving guide with 24 other amazing bloggers. We have all collected our favorite things and put them together for ideas for this holiday season. That is right, click on the links below and find 25 different gift basket/ideas of gifts to give. This is perfect […]

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