Critique Me-Cassandra at Fairytale Dreams Photography

Cassandra at Fairytale Dream Photography

Remember: -Read How to Critique a Photo -Make a critique sandwich – something positive, something you would have done differently, something positive -My rule: no improvement tip = deleted comment -This will benefit the person leaving the photo critique just as much if not more than the person receiving the critique. Thank you to Cassandra […]

Photo Albums-What to do with all those Photos-Part 2

photo albums

Last year I wrote a post What to do with all your photos – Digital photo books. I am a strong believer that your pictures SHOULD NOT live on your computer. I decided to change it up this year and try photo albums thanks to the encouragement of one of you guys. Ellie at Adventures […]

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Toddler Photography-8 Ideas to Capture those Early Years

toddler photography

I hope everyone enjoyed 10 tips for photographing your baby by Jennifer last week. Wasn’t it fabulous? I’ve got that one tucked away for when we decide to have our second child. Now let’s talk about those later years of your child – toddler photography. Toddler Photography We all know that toddler photography can be a […]

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Split Lighting Made Easy With 5 Steps

split lighting photography

Split lighting is one of my new favorite types of way to manipulate light. I first learned about split lighting in Megan Cieloha’s workshop – Lighting 201: Mastering Natural Light Indoors. Her class taught me how to take advantage of the light I have in my house as well as taking really cool split light […]

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Winner of I Clicked it Up a Notch Photography Contest-March 2012

Seriously, you guys are killing us!! You make it harder and harder to choose each month. That warms my heart though because I have seen so much growth in so many of you! I love following along on your photography journey!! I look forward to later in the year when I ask you to show […]