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Isola - Critique Photo

Remember: -Read How to Critique a Photo -Make a critique sandwich – something positive, something you would have done differently, something positive -My rule: no improvement tip = deleted comment -This will benefit the person leaving the photo critique just as much if not more than the person receiving the critique. Thanks to Juli of […]

Photographer Interviews: Melissa Noste Photography

Melissa Noste Photography Photographer Interview

Today we get to learn about another one of our contributors, Melissa Noste. Melissa lives in Washington state with her sweet daughter and husband. Be sure to check out her website and “like” her on Facebook! 1. How did you get started in photography? I have the typical photography story as most Moms. I did […]

I Clicked it Up a Notch Photography Contest-July 2012

i clicked it up a notch

Did you click it up a notch this month? I know you did!! This month has been a whirl wind for us as we moved our family from Japan back to the States and are still in transition as we speak. Before we left Japan we were able to spend our last 4th of July […]

Back Button Focusing: Do you BBF?

20120110_Maui Hawaii 2012_0364_CIUAN

It has been a couple of years now since I first discovered BBF or “Back Button Focusing”. From what I hear it is really one of those things that you either LOVE or you HATE. For me, it was looooove! What is Back Button Focusing? The default focusing button for cameras is the shutter button. […]

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Photography Wish List


Who doesn’t have a ton of things that we day dream about purchasing related to our obsession with photography? The contributors and I have put together a list of items that are on our photography wish list. Laurie’s wish list Lensbaby The Composer Honestly, I think this would just be fun to have! I’ve seen […]