The Styled Photographer
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Capture the moment, your way.

Ready to take photos that are more than just technically competent?
Want a style that’s more than just a copy of somebody else’s?

Develop an authentic photography style that inspires and excites you!

Express your unique perspective.

Tap into your true inspiration.

And tell more powerful, more moving stories with your photographs.


The Styled Photographer

A Guide to Finding Your Unique Photography Style

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Taking great photographs takes more than just technical skill.

Think about your favorite photographers… They all have signature styles that set them apart and reflects their own particular perspective on the world. That’s what you love about them!

If you’re ready to develop your own signature style, but aren’t sure where to start, The Styled Photographer is for you.

Trends… Style Gurus… Where do You Fit In?
Step-by-step, you’ll learn to recognize and develop your own personal photography style and make your photographs come to life with your unique perspective.

In this e-Guide packed with tips, tools and exercises, you’ll:

  • Learn why having a style is important for everyone – professional or not
  • Recognize what draws you to other people’s pictures
  • Find your authentic inspiration
  • Define your photography style
  • Work your style in any situation
  • Push yourself outside your comfort zone
  • Use social media to strengthen your style
  • Photography Professionals: Learn to use style to attract your ideal clients!


Step-by-step, Beth shows you how to find your photography style using the same process she used herself to go from budding photographer to style expert (and grow her photography business along the way)!

It didn’t happen overnight. And there was lots of trial and error involved as she cleared her own path to creating a unique signature style.


Now, she’s put her best tools, techniques and exercises together into
The Styled Photographer to give you the shortcut she wishes she’d had.


The Styled Photographer is For:

  • Anyone who wants to capture unique images they love & are proud of.
  • Any photographer who’s ready to put their own stamp on their work.
  • Professional photographers who are tired of attracting the wrong clients and doing work that doesn’t inspire them.


Walk away with a clearly defined style and a new confidence in your ability to reflect your style in any image you take.



Amazing Bonus

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  1. Editing with Style
    Learn to think critically about your images in post processing as Beth walks you through how she looks at an image in Lightroom and edits it to reflect her style.
Beth Deschamp
Beth Deschamp

Beth Deschamp of bethadilly photography is a lifestyle photographer in Washington DC who is known for having one of the most recognizable photography styles on Instagram. Through her passion of helping inspire photographers and leading a photography community, Beth has inspired many photographers to pick up their camera on a daily basis to capture their lives and improve their photography skill. Her favorite thing about photography is that it has taught her to see the beauty in the little and ordinary things that make up our everyday.

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