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How to go from snapshots to lifestyle photography in 30 days.

Did you buy a DSLR but find yourself so busy fumbling with the settings that you are missing the fleeting moments of your child’s day?

Are you ready to stop feeling overwhelmed and start learning manual mode, lighting, and composition?

I know what it’s like:
A few years ago, I purchased my first DSLR and thought that was all I needed to get the images I dreamed of. I soon noticed that my friend, who had a similar camera, had much better images and I couldn’t understand why my images didn’t look like hers. The difference? She had mastered shooting on manual mode.

Fast forward 6 years:
My walls are now filled with beautiful images. My kids no longer run away from my camera. And I get the shot I want.

Are you ready to learn in an easy to understand language, the tools and information that will to take your photography to the next level?


What you will:

  • Stop feeling flustered & missing shots
  • Take control of your camera
  • Unlock the secrets of manual mode
  • Get your settings right
  • See light and learn to maximize it for great images
  • Use composition to tell your story
  • Add interest to your photos with simple techniques

What’s included

– Daily skills, which will build upon one another, so you are comfortable with manual mode by the end of 30 days.
– Daily prompts which will challenge you to practice and capture a simple moment in your child’s life.
– Image examples, along with the camera settings, to create understanding how I created the images you see.
– Easy to understand information; I break it down, in easy to understand language, as if were are just friends talking over coffee.
– Bonus information on what lens to buy as well as how to organize your photos.

*Just to be clear, this ebook is not for someone looking for business or editing tips. Geared towards the beginner photographer or someone looking to get out of a rut.


Editing videos
Lightroom Bonus Videos

Learn the basics of importing, editing and exporting with these bite size videos to help you start editing in Lightroom today.
1. How to import into Lightroom
2. How to edit an image to enhance it but not look overedited
3. How to properly crop your photo so it prints correctly
4. How to remove distractions from your image
5. How to export for printing and posting on Facebook in Lightroom

  • This book is just what everyone wants if they are starting out with there DSLR, I just didn't get it till I read this book, and I'd been trying to improve my photography for the last year! You made it so simple THANK YOU!

  • There couldn't be a better book out there that explains everything in detail the way this book does! This is exactly what I was looking for! It is the best book I have read to date that describes using manual mode and so much more. I already feel that much more comfortable in manual mode and I just purchased the book an hour ago! can't wait to take a photo a day and see how much I have improved by the end of my 30 days! Thank you so much for creating such a great book!

  • If you have a DSLR, buy this e-book. You won't be sorry.

  • This is a really great easy to read book and very easy to understand. I've taken photography classes before but there's nothing like having a baby to instill that desire to take really good photos. This book is helping me achieve that goal. I love the tips that are provided as well. Thank you for working with me on the download, great customer service as well!

  • I was curious about how difficult it was going to be to read when I was downloading Courtney's e-book. I own several photography books and some of them put me to sleep. Literally. I finished this book in 20 minutes. Easy to read, hard to put down. I soaked it up. This is THE perfect book for beginners and for those looking for some inspiration. It covers everything from camera settings, gear, lighting and there are even prompts throughout the book. I will be recommending this book to all my friends!

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