Ultimate Intro to Photography
The Details

Photograph your family, beautifully.

Stop fumbling with your DSLR camera. Learn to take beautiful photos, simply.
Capture the everyday magic of the people, places & things you love. Build a lifetime of lasting memories.

6-week online workshop
The beauty of everyday life unfolds around you every day. If you want to capture it on film but struggle with your DSLR camera, this workshop is for YOU.

Step-by-step, learn everything you need to know to start using your DSLR camera to take great photographs.

  • Stop feeling flustered & missing shots
  • Take control of your camera
  • Unlock the secrets of manual mode
  • Get your settings right
  • See light and learn to maximize it for great images
  • Use composition to tell your story
  • Add interest to your photos with simple techniques


Follow in the footsteps of the journey I took 5 years ago – when I started learning how to photograph the special everyday moments in my kids’ lives.

Childhood goes by so quickly… I wanted to capture this amazing time with images to decorate my home & my heart for years to come. But I struggled to take photos like the one’s I loved looking at online.

Slowly, I cracked the code. Figured out how to get my settings right. Discovered the magic of working with light. And began to compose rich, interesting images that really tell a story.

Now, I’ve put all the most important lessons together in the 
Ultimate Intro to Photography.

It’s the only Introduction to Photography you’ll ever need.

And it will have you taking beautiful, professional-style photos 
of the people & things you love in no time!



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