with Courtney Slazinik
6 Quick and Easy Ways to Capture Kids in Leaves

After 3 years of living on an island in Japan I have forgotten how much I LOVE fall!! Love the leaves changing colors and the cooler weather. I have big hopes of capturing some amazing fall of photos of the kids but I wanted to talk about how you can capture some great memories for your children to cherish.

My kids are obsessed with playing in the leaves, obsessed!! I had the perfect excuse to take some photos and let them play.

1. Get down low.
The kids will be on the ground playing in the leaves and you want to be sure to capture their excitement as they are playing. Get on their level and be ready prior to them jumping in the leave pile.

2. Let them run.
Encourage them to back up from the pile of leaves. Tell them ready set go and let them run as fast as they can into the pile. Keep in mind that you want your shutter speed to be high enough to freeze the motion. I would suggest 1/250 for the running shots. If you need to increase your ISO don’t be afraid to do that.

3. Jump!
My kids LOVED getting to jump into the leaves. Just like the running have them start away from the pile and jump as high as they can. Be sure you have enough leaves in the pile to cushion the fall.

4. Throwing leaves.
Ask you little ones to get a big pile of leaves and on the count of 3 throw them high in the air.

5. Lay down with them.
If you have a tripod that lets you point your camera down, lay underneath the tripod. However, make sure the camera is directly over you. I didn’t have it directly over me and the way I had to tilt my head gave me several chins ha ha.

Even better, use your iPhone and capture a shot of you and your little one.

Photo Credit: Trisha Hughes

6. Put the camera down and enjoy their excitement.
There are few things as fun as playing in the leaves as a kid. Don’t forget to put your camera down so you can enjoy your excitement and join in.

  • Daniela
    October 26, 2012 at 2:12 PM

    Very cool! thanks Courtney, I have to find some leaves (we live in an apartment), which tripod height do you recommend? thanks!

  • October 26, 2012 at 9:12 PM

    I have to try this this weekend HOPFULLY “Sandy” lets me try that is! :)

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