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10 Second Edit Using Content-Aware Fill
10 Second Edit Using Content-Aware Fill

I love using Lightroom for a majority of my editing and organizing, but use Photoshop for all my retouching. My favorite feature in Photoshop is Content-Aware Fill. I love using it to remove distractions, stretching backdrops, and even filling in empty areas of a panoramic image thats been stitched together.

This tutorial is so easy and I love that she included the keyboard shortcuts to speed up things up even further! Read - "10 Second Edit Using Content-Aware Fill"

Here is a quick tutorial on how I use Content-Aware Fill to edit this image in less than 10 seconds as well as some keyboard shortcuts for Windows and Mac.

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    Make your selection

    I prefer using either the marquee tool or the lasso tool. Be sure to select slightly beyond the area you want to replace for better blending.

    Keyboard Shortcuts (Mac & Windows) : Marquee Tool (M), Lasso Tool (L)

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    I prefer short cuts so I hit (delete) for the Fill Dialog Box to pop and then (enter) to execute the command. Takes seconds.

    You can also right click and choose “Fill”.

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    Keyboard Shortcut Mac: Cmd + D
    Keyboard Shortcut Windows: Ctrl +D

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And finished! Hope this quick tutorial helps speeds up your retouching!

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  • Tish
    January 18, 2017 at 7:17 AM

    awesome tip Maria! thanks!

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