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5 Ways to Create Loyal Repeat Maternity and Newborn Clients
5 Ways to Create Loyal Repeat Maternity and Newborn Clients

I’ve offered shoots for families, weddings and other types of sessions but my heart was always drawn to maternity and newborn sessions. I was able to relate to these moms who didn’t necessarily feel their best being pregnant or did not feel themselves. I could completely understand the sleep deprivation, nervousness of having a newborn and the pure joy of having this little beautiful person that you created right in front of you. THIS is where my niche was and I’ve built my business around maternity and newborn photography.

I 100% agree with her tips for creating a loyal client base! Read - "5 Ways to Create Loyal Repeat Maternity and Newborn Clients"

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I am so fortunate to now be photographing third and fourth babies of my first clients who entrusted me as I have built my business. Here are a few tips for turning maternity and newborn clients into loyal repeat clients.

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    Build Trust

    I think it is so critical to be able to relate to your clients. It was so nice for both my client and I to be able to talk about the weight gain, the belly kicks, the heart burn and the complete wonderment of waiting to meet this little one that is growing inside of you. I feel that it was in these moments that a closeness and a trust is built.

    I would chat between poses with them about the up and and the downs and sometimes we would laugh and there would be sessions where we were all in tears leaving. I think that all moms new and seasoned want to feel is loved and know that whatever rollercoaster we are on that day that we have all been there.


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    I think it is really important to connect with new parents during newborn sessions. I typically start out by asking about their delivery. I love to ask about how the bebe is doing and how much sleep they are getting and not getting.

    Once again relating to my clients on such a personal note is HUGE for these sessions. I love that I see so many new moms and have so many friends that have had bebes or my own experiences that sometimes I can reassure a new mom that is really self aware or being hard on herself for a struggle she is having and being able to offer some personal or shared experiences or reassurances can make all of the difference in the world.


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    Don't Forget Dad

    I always take a few extra moments to really connect with not only mom but dad as well. I think sometimes during the whole maternity process the dad’s get forgotten a bit. While I realize it is mama carrying the bebe it is just as important to dad’s.

    I make sure to let them know that while I am taking photos of just mama during a bump session that this does not mean they are not as equally important. I usually implement some comic reprieve as to this is their chance to take a break and check the score for the game or something along those lines.

    I think it more often than not the men who are more uncomfortable to be in front of the camera than the women. I make sure I compliment the dad for showing up and loving his wife so much that he will smile for the next 60 minutes straight and then usually mention mama owes hims a giant steak and a beer when we are done.


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    Under Promise, Over Deliver

    There is nothing better than delivering a gallery a week prior to when your client thinks they will receive their images. I always respond to emails or questions as soon as possible instead of having the 48 hour reply mentality.

    I try to send my clients a few peeks within two days of their session and sometimes during my busy season this can be overwhelming but worth the extra late hours editing!


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    Referral Program

    I have also found that offering a client referral program has been extremely beneficial to growing my business in two states now. There is nothing better for your business than extremely happy clients referring their friends and family your way!


I have really been fortunate to have a very loyal clientele base. I am still traveling back to San Diego at least twice a month to document a pregnancy or newborn for a past client from when I lived in San Diego. I full heartedly believe it is in those moments of connecting with these moms, dad, and partners and even the grandparents/aunts/uncles who attend these sessions that create the foundation for a lifetime client.


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