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How to Share Photos from Lightroom to Instagram
How to Share Photos from Lightroom to Instagram

Technology isn’t always my thing. I love it, I hate it. We have our moments together. One reason I can’t seem to keep my Instagram feed up with my current life is because of the number of steps it takes to get my image from my camera Instagram. As a photographer and blogger, I want my best images “out there” so, I don’t end up using many of my phone images for Instagram.

The majority of photographs I take are with my big fancy camera….which means more steps from camera to upload. So, streamlining that process has become something I have really wanted to work on.

I've always wondering how to share from the LR mobile app! Read - "How to Share Photos from Lightroom to Instagram"

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I downloaded the Lightroom Mobile app on my iPad a while ago, but didn’t really learn about its benefits until recently. Now that I am delving into it a bit more, it is pretty awesome! Lightroom has its own camera built in too, which is worth a try. Manual shooting, RAW files…need I say more? 

It’s pretty cool. I plan on playing with it more and seeing if I like my iPhone photos more. But the real reason, I downloaded the Lightroom Mobile app was to integrate my desktop images to my mobile devices. This really does the trick.

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    What Do You Need to Begin?

    I avoided it as long as I could, but eventually, I ended up buying into the whole Adobe Creative Cloud bundles. Although I hate paying for apps by the month or year, its a necessary evil as a photographer. You’ll need Lightroom CC. If you have Lightroom as part of your CC bundle, this tutorial is for you. If not, and you have thought about upgrading your Lightroom to the cloud version, go for it. :) The photographer bundle isn’t too pricey and I do love my LR staying up to date with the newest features.

    Once you have Adobe LR Cloud, download the Lightroom Mobile App. The link has the app for both IOS and Google Play. It’s free!

    • Adobe CC account with Lr
    • Figure Out Your login and password. It always takes me 10 tries.
    • Download the Lightroom Mobile App
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    Setting It All Up

    After downloading the app, sign in to your Adobe Creative Cloud account on the app as well as your desktop. Hover over your name in the desktop version and get synced. There will be a pause button if you are all synced up.

    Lightroom Mobile Tips

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    Make  a Collection

    Because mostly, I want to be able to send my images to my phone to more easily upload to IG, I made a collection called “Instagram”. You can call yours whatever makes you happy. You can make folders for events, photography projects, family album, whatever you like. You can even keep an up to date portfolio to take along with you anywhere.

    There are two ways to create a collection for LR Mobile.

    1. Open your LR desktop app and find the Collections tab in the left panel below folders. After signing in and syncing, you should see under Collections a subcategory called “From LR mobile”. You can add a collection there by pressing the + button.
    2. Second option is to add a collection from the LR mobile app. From the Organize screen, touch the + icon in the upper right to create a collection.

    Light Room Mobile Tips

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    Adding to Your Collection

    The fun part, right? Once in Lightroom on your desktop, I edit my photos as I usually do… When I’m finished and ready to add to IG, I simply drag my photo that I want on IG (must be at the bottom in the timeline) into my “Instagram” collection that I made earlier.

    Lightroom Mobile Tips

    Lightroom Mobile will automatically sync. It’s not instantaneous, but it doesn’t take long. So, whether you are viewing on your phone or iPad, your edited images from your collection will be there. Does it seem a bit cool? or dark? or ??? No worries! It can be tweaked in LR mobile (or the desktop) before uploading to IG. And your changes will be saved across all of the platforms.

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    Share Your Image to Instagram

    The last step is sharing your image to IG. Easy peasy.

    Lightroom Mobile Tips

    There are other options out there to upload to IG…I was exporting to my web folder, then texting the image to myself via messages. yep. I really like my new system a lot better. It’s a bit more sophisticated, and streamlined.

    Scott Kelby also has out a book called The Lightroom Mobile Book that breaks down all of the ways that Lr Mobile can make your life easier. My copy is in the mail!


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