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3 Easy Photography Projects to Try This Summer
3 Easy Photography Projects to Try This Summer

Summer is filled with lazy days spent trying to stay cool, vacations, and tons of fun. Summer is also the perfect time to start a small photography project to boost your creativity. A few of our contributors are sharing their own summer projects as well as a few bonus ideas to try this summer.

This will come in handy when the kids are out of school this summer. Love the bonus ideas at the bottom! Read - "3 Easy Photography Projects to Try This Summer"

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    A Day In The Life - Beth

    One of the things I love most about summer, besides popsicles and lightening bugs, is that we get more hours of daylight. Because I focus on natural light photography, having more hours of daylight means more photography. For me, anyways. This summer, I want to challenge myself to do “A Day In The Life” photography project, where I take photos throughout my entire day, from the moment the sun goes up until it goes down.

    I love this photography project because it challenges me to photograph every part of my day, whether the light or location is ideal or not. This means photographing everything from what we eat for breakfast to what we shop for at the grocery store. Being a new mama, I am excited to do “A Day In The Life” photography project to document what a typical day looks like with a young child. It will definitely be a keepsake of images I will want to cherish.

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    Focus on Fun in the Water - Melissa

    It’s starting to warm up over here, which means we’ll be spending countless hours trying to stay cool this summer. My summer project will be revolving around our time spent in the water. Whether it’s in the pool, at the water park, out on the kayak, or simply running through the sprinklers, I’m sure we’ll be playing in it.

    I don’t own an underwater housing (yet) for my DSLR so most of my images will be taken on our go-pros or on my iPhone. (Yay for the new water resistant feature!)

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    100 Days of Summer - Maria

    I have tried and failed to do a Project 365 multiple times and I’ve always felt so defeated about three months in. My friend did 100 days of summer last year and I thought it was a brilliant idea! Documenting our summer break will be easier since summer is filled with activity.

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    I’m looking forward to days spent by the pool, popsicles, dirty feet, and simply capturing the fun of being a child.

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    Bonus Ideas

    – Summer of self portraits
    – Capturing a summer bucket list
    – Summer scavenger hunt
    – Shooting just film or polaroids
    – Try b&w photography


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