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7 Tips for Setting Goals in Your Photography Journey
7 Tips for Setting Goals in Your Photography Journey

It’s the beginning of a fresh new year. No matter what time of year you are reading this, there is no time better than the present, to improve your skills! Goal setting is a huge part of that. Just like any other goal in any other part of your life, whether it be weight loss, exercise, learning to be more present, goal setting in photography requires planning.

I have so many conflicting thoughts when it comes to setting photography goals. I love her perspective. Must try! Read - "7 Tips for Setting Goals in Your Photography Journey"

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    What Do You Want to Achieve???

    What areas do you need to grow in?

    You may already have some goals in mind…in that case skip to step 2. When I’m setting goals for photography, I like to choose one of my weaker points and work on that area until I’ve conquered it technically.

    Look through your images from the past year. Where did you excel? Where can you improve? What was holding you back from attaining your goals from previous years?

    Need a nudge or a few ideas?

    • Would you like to learn to shoot in manual?
    • Push yourself artistically (learn more about composition, creative use of light, editing processes). The sky is really the limit in this area.
    • Learn more about the technicals of shooting manual, such as nailing focus more often, better white balance, black and white conversions, using shutter/aperture creatively.
    • Make a photo book this year.
    • Participate in a Project 365 or 52 or 12, or selfie group.

    Personally, I love to learn. One of my goals for the year is to take a few classes…and join in a 365 (loose rules). I haven’t shared my images consistently in quite a while, so I would love to be more involved in the photography community.


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    Put Your Goals in Writing

    Blog about it! Share with your Facebook or Instagram friends. Tell your husband or significant other.  Or write it down in a special place. Those that tell others about their goals are more likely to attain them.

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    Tell Someone

    Having a support system is important when learning new things. A cheerleader is never a bad idea. Choosing a person who will give you unbiased feedback/critique is invaluable. Surround yourself with both.

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    Set Small Attainable Goals

    Preferably on a timeline.

    Put your goals on a calendar. Organization is key when goal setting.

    My short term goals include, researching and signing up for a class this week. As well blogging my first 7 images of the year.

    Give yourself some boxes to check off!



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    Get To Work

    The planning isn’t the fun part. Get to work honing your skills and sharing with others is! Any step forward as a success!

    Be kind to yourself. Set backs are a part of learning. Accept them and keep moving forward.

    Print your favorite pictures as motivation to keep going. Look backward to show progress.

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    Reevaluate Often

    Make sure you are staying on track.

    If you initial plan isn’t working, rework it so that it can. Find inspiration wherever you need to keep moving forward.

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    Celebrate a Job Well Done!

    Give yourself time to glow….then set another goal and move forward!



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