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I'll demystify your DSLR & photography

I'll demystify your DSLR & photography

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Capture the everyday magic of your family’s life through the lens of your DSLR camera

Professional family photos once a year can’t capture those special, fleeting moments that you cherish together. The fun, the firsts, the connections, and the chaos… those are the photos you really want. So when you see the moment, you grab your camera… then fumble, searching for the light and struggling with the settings. You miss it and it’s gone. Or catch it only to find that your photos fall flat. Again. It’s frustrating.

Courtney Slazinik
Courtney Slazinik

By now you know that great photos don’t just happen

But learning photography feels like studying a foreign language.

I’m Courtney, and I’ve been where you are. As a mom, I was super excited to capture images of my family and my children growing. But I didn’t have the skills. My photographs were flat and inconsistent – I just couldn’t translate or capture what I saw through my lens. I didn’t know how to find and work with light. How to position my subject. Or how to make my images come alive. That all changed when I cracked the code and learned the photography secrets that have helped me capture beautiful and lasting memories, simply. I share them all here, at Click it Up a Notch®, where I’ve helped over 55,000 people unlock the power of their DSLR cameras and take better pictures of the day-to-day love and laughter in their lives.

I'll demystify your DSLR & photography

Learn to Take Beautiful Pictures of the People You Love

Want to unlock the secrets of manual mode and stop feeling frustrated with missed shots?