Kelly Moore Bag Discount Code Giveaway

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In honor of reaching over 5,000 clicks in less then two months, I decided it was time for another giveaway to say THANK YOU!!! In the spring, I ordered an AMAZING Kelly Moore Bag. Unfortunately, so did everyone else in the world so I had to wait a bit longer then expected for my bag to arrive. Since they have wonderful customer service there, they sent out a $50 discount code for my next purchase. I have decided since I love my bag so much I wanted to share the joy with you guys!! I contacted the people at Kelly Moore and asked if I could giveaway their code :O) This is great news for you guys!!!

Let me tell you a little of why I am so in love with my bag :O) It is beautiful for one!! You know as moms we sometimes have to deal with ugly old bags to carry around all our junk. Since starting my Project 365, I have started to carry my camera around with me EVERYWHERE! I am not kidding, it goes with me to the commissary, to my exercise class, to the doctors…everywhere! I was carrying it around in my old bag which was not a camera bag and I didn’t feel it was very safe. Plus my buttons were constantly being accidently pushed by all the stuff in my purse so I had to spend 5 minutes every time I got it out to figure out what was wrong. That is why I decided I needed a camera bag that didn’t look like a camera bag. I did MONTHS of research and couldn’t find anything I loved until…the heavens opened, angels sang, and I found out about Kelly Moore Bags. I mean THANK YOU!!! Finally, a bag that is pretty, can hold my camera, and all my mommy gear.

The dividers are removeable so I took out one of them to have a bigger “mommy” space. I keep my wallet, sunglasses, bibs, toys, books, and whatever else needs to go out with us. The middle section (where the lens caps are) is where I keep my camera. It holds my d90 with my Tamron 28-75mm lens, no problem! In the third section, I have my lens cleaners and sometimes I put my 50mm in there if I need both lenses.

The two outside pockets are KEY! I put my keys, phone, lip gloss, and tylenol (come on I have two toddlers) in one pocket. Now I don’t have to spend 5 minutes looking for my keys or phone at the bottom of my bag. The other pocket is for my diapers and wipes. Yup, have to carry around the good ole’ mommy stuff :O)

The back zipper is perfect for my graycard and our newest addition, Hailey-Flat.

Be sure to enter for your chance to win a $50 off discount code!! They also have mens bags so be sure to check them out!

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This means you have 3 chances to win :O) Winner will be announced on Friday!

Share this with your friends! Thanks!