New Editing Resource for Photographers
New Editing Resource for Photographers

In a previous post I explained Why and When You Should Outsource Photo Editing.

And since that post, I’ve edited over 300,000 photos for some of the top wedding photographers in the industry.

Most photographers think the only way to outsource is with a big box editing company.

That’s not the case.

Five years ago I started a boutique editing business that has changed my life. It also impacted the lives and careers of over 20 wedding photographers that I have worked with.

I’ve made a thriving business through establishing a 1-on-1 editing relationship with each of my clients. That direct relationship allows me to be very consistent and specific with meeting each client’s style.

After Katelyn James shared that I was her editor I received A TON of inquiries from photographers looking for a private photo editor just like me. It was clear that there was a BIG need for more editors and a resource to connect photographers with them.

That’s why I created Edit Source!

FB_Outsource Direct

Edit Source is a website designed to connect photographers with private photo editors.

It is easy for photographers to get bogged down editing, which limits their family time and leaves little room to grow their businesses. Outsourcing solves the problem of time and working directly with a private photo editor creates a 1-on-1 relationship that establishes consistency in meeting a photographer’s style.

Edit Source helps photographers find a private editor through simple filters and listings that are free to browse and use to connect with their editor. Match your style and start a consistent relationship that gives you time to grow your business like never before at Edit Source.

  • Silvina
    September 8, 2016 at 10:30 AM

    Marissa has been a great inspiration that what I was dreaming to do as a living is possible. Hope to be soon listed as a private editor 😊

    • Marissa Lynn
      September 9, 2016 at 7:46 AM

      Aw Silvina I’m so happy to hear that I’ve been an inspiration! Excited to see you develop this for yourself over the next year!

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