Mila’s Daydreams – Why Didn’t I Think of That? Wednesday

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I don’t really have a “tip” for today but I just HAD to share this extremely creative blog with you! I Heart Faces featured it on their facebook fan page and immediately, I fell in love! She is extremely clever and I can’t imagine the joy on her daughter’s face when she looks back at these when she is older. What creativity!!!

Mila’s Daydream

Added 10/21/10: Adela just posted on her blog that people were stealing her images and using them in ad campaigns :O( She has removed all her images to prevent this in the future. As a mother, I know if I removed my images from the web, I would hope others whom I had given permission to use those photos prior to this decision would do so as well. This is why the image is no longer posted here. But the good news is she is coming out with a book, so check out her website and find out more about her book!

**Just a reminder, I’m in Tokyo on vacation with my family and will return emails and answer comments when I return :O)**

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