Your Photography Questions Answered

Earlier today I asked you to ask me anything photography related. I love doing these type of videos. Below are the questions I answered in the video as well as additional links to more information.

Photography Questions Asked:

1. Which specific classes online would you recommend taking for a beginner?
2. Best way to correct reflections off of glasses?!?
3. I am interested in becoming a professional photographer and I am taking free portrait sessions for a year, is there any other advice that you could give me? Also, which photo editor do you use? Photoshop?
4. What is the best advice you can give when doing a TWIN newborn shoot…my 1st one coming up and I’m a bit on edge!
5. Anything re: lenses… what’s good, what’s not. What to use for what shot…. anything!
6. When working on location shooting portraits, what is the first thing you look for with lighting?
7. All about Focus trying to shoot with as wide open as possible—When focusing your camera for a family shoot– who do you put your focus on (trying to shoot at aperature of 2.? The person in the middle and in the front row? How do you achieve a decent bokeh in the background with multiple people? For example if grandma is holding grandbaby in her lap can you even get bokeh in the background because there are two planes in this shot– not eveveryone is in the same plane.
8. In Elements (yes, I am working on getting Lr…it’s on my Christmas list), how do you crop photos best for printing?
9. How many pictures do you give to a client after a session. We are giving more than a 100 all edited! It is a bit crazy and exhausting. Clients love it, but its too much for us. How do you decide which ones to delete as well?
10. I have a telephoto converter(tru digital) & a super wide angle converter(Japan optics/Hype). I can’t seem to get good pictures with these? Which lens is the best to put either of these on?
11. How do you deal with people expecting work for cheap / how do you compete with weekend warriors?
12. How do you make sure skintone is perfect? I feel when editing I become so undecided as to what their skin really looks like, and what I “think” it should look like… if I dont have a “perfect shot” to compare the skintone to, how do I correct it?
13. I’ve been getting really down about meeting brides/grooms – them loving me and my work, but then I never hear from them again… how do I change this?

Here are the links to products and posts I mentioned in the video:
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