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Courtney – Owner/Creator

I’m married to an amazing man and have three spunky little girls. My degree is in teaching and enjoyed being in the classroom prior to becoming a SAHM. After my husband accidentally dropped and broke our camera minutes before our 2nd daughter was born, I used his guilt and got my first DSLR. I have become obsessed with photography and learning all I can about it. Even after 5 years, I continue to learn something new each day.

I want to share what I have learned with you! Like so many of you, I wanted better images of my kids and I read anything and everything I could get my hands on. I combined my love of teaching and passion for photography to create Click it Up a Notch in September 2010.

I want to help you learn to improve your photos one click at a time. Do you have a question? Check out our FAQ page. You can reach me at clickitupanotch@gmail.com.

I am so lucky to have an extremely talented and kind group of photographers join our team as contributors. I am inspired by these women everyday!

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Marissa Young

I’m a momma to 3 littles and a wife to an amazing man. I’ve combined my love of photography and keeping memories into the Forever Notes Journal, my 4th baby ;) I love to photograph the little moments of my life and I blog to inspire other momma’s to make the most of where they are today.
Camera gear: Canon Mark iii | 50mm 1.2
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Beth Deschamp

This curly haired blonde and blue-eyed girl is most content when she is making memories with her little family. Starbucks iced soy chai, paperback books, Instagram, almond vanilla cupcakes, blogging, a glass of bold red wine and snuggling a puppy in her lap are just a few of her favorite things. Her favorite thing about being a photographer is being able to portray the beauty of ordinary things in everyday life. Becoming a photographer has helped her to see the beauty in the little things, and that is a life lesson she will always be grateful for.
Camera gear: Nikon D610 | Nikon D600 | Sigma 50mm f1.4 | Lensbaby Composer Pro Sweet 35 | Nikon 50mm f1.8 | Nikon 24-85mm f3.5-4.5 | Nikon 70-300mm f4.5-5.6
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Trisha Hughes

Trisha HughesTrisha is the founder & author of {EYB} Eat Your Beets, and a mother to 4 kiddos. She has a passion for health, specifically using food for healing her son’s auto-immune issues, while keeping a sensible outlook on balancing everything on her plate. She empathizes with the challenges of mothers everywhere & works passionately to empower them to learn their way around a kitchen, feed their family real food & keep a sense of humor when it all goes south. She couples her passion for wellness by actively seeking out local producers of pastured, properly raised animals for meat, eggs, grass fed milk & produce to further support hard working farmers & families. She continues to build on her community of supportive, thinking mamas on her Facebook page while providing daily, real food inspiration via Instagram. She’s never said no to a fabulous pair of shoes.
Camera gear D800 | Tamron 28-75mm 2.8 | 50mm 1.8 | D90
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Laurie Flickinger

Laurie FlickingerI am a wife, a mother of 3, and a natural light hobbyist photographer. Photography is my passion, my outlet, and my sanity. My love of photography started like most MWACs, when my 1st child was born. I shoot with a Nikon D700 and a handful of prime lenses. When not learning all I can about photography, I enjoy reading, decorating my home, lake time, mindless television, and laughing with the girls.
Camera Gear: Nikon D700 | 50mm 1.4D | 85mm 1.8D | 105mm 2.8G | 35 1.4 | Nikon F100 film camera | Lensbaby Sweet Optic 35
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Photo credit: Amanda Norton

Allison Jacobs

Jacobs-(50)I am a natural light photographer dedicated to shooting my everyday, ordinary life as it unfolds here in Southern California. I love seeing my life through the lens of my camera while photographing the people and moments that I don’t want to forget in my life. I’ve had a love for photography for as long as I can remember, although the interest to learn more about it and get serious really came with the purchase of my first DSLR about four years ago. That was when I realized that my Canon point and shoot could not capture my fast-moving son the way I hoped. Since then I have been obsessively learning everything I can, and I am so excited to share what I have learned here on Click it Up a Notch! My ideal day would include a good book, a great latte, and time at the beach (with my camera, of course!).
Camera gear: Canon 5d Mark II | 50 1.4 | 85 1.2 | 100 2.8 | Lensbaby Spark | 580EX ii
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Photo credit: Jennifer Foster

Jen Bacher

Jen BacherI am from Salt Lake City, UT where I live near the mountains with my husband and four beautiful kiddos. I enjoy all types of photography, especially food, travel, and lifestyle portraits. I have a part time photography business, but I shoot primarily for friends and family. When I’m not shooting I enjoy snow & water skiing, fitness, fashion, home projects, family time and…naps! I celebrate life through my lens and realize how important it is to continually challenge myself so I can grow. I love helping others learn as well and I look forward to contributing to Click It Up A Notch this year!
Camera gear: Nikon D700 | 85mm f/1.4G | 24-70 f/2.8G | Nikon D750 | Sigma 35mm f/1.4 | 70-200 2.8 | 105mm 2.8G | Nikon F100 film camera | Lensbaby Composer Pro
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Brennan Lanter

Brennan LanterI am a natural light photographer based in Chesapeake, VA. I spend my days with my 3 “littles” searching for the mundane moments I can make extraordinary through my lenses. I enjoy editing my photos in Lightroom just as much as I love shooting them! On a personal note– I love coffee, reading non-fiction and Justin Timberlake on SNL.
Camera gear: Nikon D700 | 50 1.8 | 85 1.8 | Macro Filters
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Liz Behm

Liz-BehmI’m a happy hobbyist, and homeschooling mama to five. We’re currently living in the Deep South! I love documenting our daily life and am in my sixth year of a Project 365. I love drinking my coffee before having to reheat it 14 times, hazy backlit afternoons and naptime!
Camera gear: Canon 5d Mark iii | 35 1.4 | 50 1.4 | 85 1.8 | 100 2.8 | 24-70L | Lensbaby Muse
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