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5 Amazing Beach Photos to Try
5 Amazing Beach Photos to Try

It’s no secret that my favorite place to hang out with my camera is at the beach. I have found that long days of sitting on the sand have been a great time to try new things. I have always had made a goal for myself each trip to try something new and create something different. Here are 5 amazing beach photos that you might want to try!

This is a great list for your next beach trip! Read - "5 Amazing Beach Photos to Try"

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    Get in the water

    I have had the best time with my underwater housing gear, giving me the freedom to splash around on the shore and not worry about my camera getting wet.

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    Capture a sunset image

    Working with the sunset light can be tricky, but so rewarding. I recommend using a wide angle lens and set your camera to let as much light in as you can.

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    Use some props

    My daughter happens to love anything with the American flag on it, so this was an easy choice of a prop to bring. There are so many fun things you could try. Hats, sunglasses, fun towels, we have tried it all!

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    Find a board walk

    The visual symmetry is amazing underneath these board walks. Try and center your subject the best you can and have fun with the amazing images you can create!

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    Create a silhouette

    When the light is almost gone, set your camera to a low ISO with a high aperture to create an awesome silhouette. A little movement makes the silhouettes even more fun!

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