Correcting Lens Distortion in Lightroom
Correcting Lens Distortion in Lightroom

Lens distortion can appear in many instances, but commonly, it occurs when using wide angle lenses. Wide angle lenses tend to bend the edges of the photo and buldge the interior of the photo.  The fisheye lens is an exaggerated example of lens distortion (but of course a fisheye lens does this on purpose). Images including lines makes distortion much more noticeable. Look closely at the before and after images. Notice how the lines bend toward the edges of the photo. Ex: The door of the play yard bends inward on the bottom right, the left side of the play yard is at a diagonal….Luckily, distortion is an easy fix! And also a tip on how to correct a tilted horizon quickly!

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Here is a quick video on how to correct lens distortion in Lightroom with just a few easy steps! Thanks for watching!

For more information on lens distortion, head over to Jen Bacher’s post Lens Distortion: What Every Photographer Needs to Know.


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