Thanks for purchasing one of our products. We understand how technology can be a headache sometimes and wanted to help you as you download your new product.

1. Can I save purchase on more than one computer?
Yes, of course. You can download the product up to 5 times. This means you can put it on your desktop, phone, and tablet if you need to.

2. I’m having trouble opening it on my device.
Some products are sent to you as a .ZIP file due to the bonuses. Please make sure your device is able to open a .ZIP file. Sometimes mobile devices may require an additional free app to download a .ZIP.

3. How do I have the ebook to my iPad?
Here’s a quick tutorial for you – http://www.wondershare.com/pdf/save-pdf-on-ipad.html

4. I’m having trouble viewing the bonus video from The Styled Photographer.
This file is saved as a .MP4. You will need an application to view this video. You can find a free program to view this type of file.