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4 Fun Ways to Create Foreground Bokeh
4 Fun Ways to Create Foreground Bokeh

Like most photographers, I sometimes get into a rut. I was in a terrible rut all summer and could not find the motivation to stick with a new project. That was until I decided to tinker with foreground bokeh.

Oh my goodness! I would have never thought of her fourth item for creating foreground bokeh. It's brilliant! Read - "4 Fun Ways to Create Foreground Bokeh"

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It’s so easy to create bokeh with any longer lens while shooting wide open, but I wanted to create the same effect in the foreground.

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    Your Surroundings

    This is by far the easiest way to start and what most photographers do. I like to hold flowers up to my lens or simply shoot through plants and trees.

    Maria Jung DR

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    Water and Glycerin

    Mix equal parts of both and spray it on a piece of glass or just use drops of glycerin. The glycerin helps the water droplets cling to the glass.

    I get the best results when shooting into the backlight.



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    Paint dipped cotton swaps dotted all over a piece of glass is a fun way to create colorful bokeh.


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    LED Lights

    This is by far my favorite way of creating foreground bokeh. I was checking out at a local housewares store and just happened to see these “fairy lights” near the checkout lane. I have experimented with sequined scarves (I failed), but thought these would be so much easier.

    I was right! It’s perfect because it’s also it’s own light source.



I’m excited to experiment with new ways of creating bokeh with different mediums. Have you ever experimented with foreground bokeh?


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