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Have You Met Nina Kling
Have You  Met Nina Kling

Excited about our Have You Met series where I showcase YOU, the photographers of our community. We had over 400 photographers apply for the series in less than a week. I can’t wait to showcase the talented photographers. There is a mix of hobbyist and business owners as well as full-frame and crop sensor users. This may be my new favorite part of the site.

This post contains affiliate links. Thanks in advance for supporting Click it Up a Notch. I am not longer accepting applications for this series.

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    Tell us a little about yourself and your photography journey.

    I was born in Germany, moved to the U.S when I was 20 and currently live in New York City with my husband and two teenage daughters. I studied Fine Arts at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and received a Masters degree in Architecture at UCLA. My photographic journey didn’t really start until about 3 years ago when I purchased my first DSLR camera – at which point I truly felt that I found my passion and calling. The road to what I considered a good photograph was very rocky – a few ups and many downs but I was determined to keep shooting and eventually with the help of supportive teachers and mentors, my work improved. Through this deliberate process and in spite of not always successful results, I realized that I had found my happy place in the act of photographing. Photography is my meditation and capturing a great shot is a wonderful bonus.

    180mm | f/11 | SS 1/125 | ISO 400

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    What is the best advice you received so far on your photography journey?

    “Compare Yourself to Yourself three month ago” !

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    Where do you find your inspiration?

    I find my inspiration wherever I am… nearby, traveling, anywhere outdoors….as well as looking at as many photographic blogs that I can get me eyes on. I will take screen shots of photos that I admire and then try to figure out what I like about them; and how I can recreate it in my next shot!

    18-200mm | f/3.5 | SS 1/160 | ISO 800

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    What type of background do you have? Self taught? Formal training? Mentor?

    I have enrolled in multiple online classes as well as classes at ICP (International Center of Photography, NYC). I was also lucky to have found great inspiration and support from who I would consider my mentor, the fine art photographer and Lensbaby guru Kathleen Clemons. I had the pleasure of meeting Kathleen at a photo workshop and she has continuously supported my work with constructive criticism and praise when deserved.

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    Are you currently doing any photography projects? If so, what?

    I recently joined http://52frames.com/ a platform for aspiring photographers from around the world who are working together to improve their skills by participating in weekly challenges, photo walks and tutorials.

    180mm | f/4.5 | SS 1/4000 | ISO 640

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    If you could only use one lens for a year, which would you choose?

    My Tamron 180mm macro lens.

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    Share links to 3 of your favorite photography tutorials and tell us why.

    I really don’t have a favorite tutorial – I love watching https://www.creativelive.com/photography when I have the time as well as watching the Click it up a Notch tutorial, there is always something to learn, in all of them.

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    What is your favorite image right now?

    180mm | f/4.0 | SS 1/1000 | ISO 400

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    What type of camera and lenses do you shoot with?

    shoot with a Nikon D7100 and use the following lenses:
    Nikkor 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6G
    Nikkor 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6G
    Nikkor 50mm f/1.8G
    Tamron SP AF 180mm F3.5
    In addition, I just received a Fuji XT1 with a Fuji XF 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6

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    Let’s light someone else’s candle, who is a photographer you think we should check out?

    My fellow online student and constant inspiration:
    Iris Schoonus http://www.irisschoonus.com/

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    What is your biggest challenge when it comes to photography?

    Getting my photos tack sharp (especially macro shots) because I don’t like to use a tripod.

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    How do you display your photos?

    I just ordered a few large scale prints to be displayed on my wall.


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    What's the strangest thing you carry in your camera bag, and why is it in there?

    Clothespins – they help me keep distracting leaves or branches out of my shots away from my main subject.

    180mm | f/4.0 | SS 1/100 | ISO 800

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    What is next on your list of things to learn this year in photography?

    Finding the patience to master the Lensbaby lenses.

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    If people want to follow more of your work where should they go?

    On Instagram (NinaKling and NinaKling_2) as well as my webpage www.NinaKlingPhotography.com

    18-200mm | f/5.6 | SS 1/320 | ISO 320

  • Mojca
    May 4, 2015 at 10:59 AM

    Awesome photos!!! I don’t think I’ve seen something like that before! Very inspirational:)

  • Janet
    May 4, 2015 at 5:14 PM

    Omgosh…. Nina’s images are spectacular….. I cannot wait to hop on over to her web page and check out more of her images..

    Thank you Courtney, for this series of “Have you met”

  • Jenny
    May 5, 2015 at 5:39 PM

    I LOVE the New York photo in no. 12. Do you sell any prints?

    Also I have to say, Courtney, this series is awesome. Its great to see that so many amazing photographers are largely self-taught and I no longer feel like I’m at a disadvantage by not have a degree in photography.

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