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Photography Project Ideas

I love finding awesome photography project ideas and projects that people are tackling. Many people take on a new photography project at the beginning of the year.

I have tackled several different projects over the years and I love sharing some of my favorites as well as some new ones.

As with many things in life, projects are more fun when you do them together. If you are tackling a photography project, I highly suggest starting a photography blog to have your own corner of the internet to post your images.

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Photography Project Ideas:

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    365 Photography Project

    This of course is one I think everyone should try at least once. It is by far one of the best things I did for my photography plus it’s free. Simply take a photo everyday for one year. Watch your photography skills grow as well as capturing some of the simple everyday moments you may have missed. If you are posting on Instagram use the hashtag #ciuan365.

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    52 Week Project

    Similar to a 365 photography project but requires less of a commitment to everyday. For this project, you take a photo once a week for a year (52 weeks).

    Link up with others doing the Project 365 or Project 52.

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    1 second a day video

    I know this is mainly photography projects, but I heard about this one from Susan Keller and I find it so fascinating. I love sill photography but I’m slowly falling in love with videos as well. You can uses the app, 1 Second Everyday, to put together your one second videos into one long video. What a great way to capture your everyday life! I know I’ll be trying this one this year.

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    Gratitude Project

    Another one of my favorites. Capture something you are grateful for. You can do this for a year, a month or a week. Whatever length of time you decide, I bet your view on life will change as you really focus on all the positive you have in your life.

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    30 Day Projects

    365 days may be too daunting for some people to take on. If that is the case, consider taking on a 30 day project. You can have no rules, where you take a photo everyday for 30 days or you can follow prompts or a theme.
    The Unexpected Everyday – a 30 day challenge where you learn photography skills and are given daily prompts to help capture the everyday moments of your kids lives.
    – Black and white – Only shoot black and white images for 30 days.
    – Self portraits – Take a self portrait each day for 30 days.

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    Day in the Life of/Week in the Life of

    Whether you decide to do a Day in the Life of or Week in the life of, you will want to take a photo at least every hour. One year, I set a timer to go off each hour. Then I picked up my camera and photographed whatever we were doing. You can also just make a conscious effort to photograph your entire day if you don’t want to set a timer. I try to do this project each year the week of my birthday (it’s easy to remember). If you decide to do a Week in the Life of, you can put all the photos and thoughts into a photo book. How fun will it be to look back on the simple things you did 10 years ago and reflect at how much a typical day or week has changed. Some of things to note are, big news stories, cost of gas, groceries, movie tickets and other things that would be fun to look back on.

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    Same spot

    Pick one stationary subject to photograph weekly or monthly to see how it changes. Some fun projects I’ve seen are photographing a tree in the same spot weekly or monthly to show the change.

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    One lens

    Decide to use only one lens for a certain amount of time. You could use sole your 50mm for a month. Really push yourself to see what you can capture with that particular lens. You could keep it on your camera for as long as you want and when you start to feel like you are in a creative rut then switch lenses for another length of time.

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    Instagram Challenges

    There are countless Instagram challenges that post either daily or weekly prompts. A couple of my favorites are Beth-a-dilly and Clickin’ Moms. During the month of February, June, and November SHUTTER|bag and I usually host our own Instagram challenges. You can follow me here.

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    One subject

    Pick a subject and photograph it each time you see it. You can do something like cool doors or windows and last year I did one about American Flags. Whatever you decide, it is fun to keep an eye out for them and figure out cool ways to capture them.

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What project are you going to tackle?

  • January 1, 2015 at 2:06 AM

    I’ve decided on 52 weeks of freelensing. I find kind of magical the pictures it produces. I’ll use a vintage 50 mom lens.

  • Cherie
    May 3, 2018 at 1:04 PM

    Enjoy your stories and photographs. Will attempt a “DITL” – subject: my husband and his daily challenges with Parkinson’s.

    Not being morbid but he is just starting a new daily regime to try and tone his muscles, improve balance and speech (swallowing) so he can perhaps get back to doing some of his favourite hobbies such as archery, painting/drawing and leatherwork.

    Once again, thank you for the inspiration.

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