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How Finding My Photography Style Made Me A Happier Photographer
How Finding My Photography Style Made Me A Happier Photographer

Of the many challenges we face in our journeys with photography, pinpointing and creating our photography style can be one of the hardest tasks, yet one of the most important. There are many things we must accomplish to officially call ourselves photographers and having a photography style is one of them.

Having a photographing style means we, as photographers, identify with our images. Our images have our names stamped on them, even without a watermark. Having a photography style means our images are cohesive and flow effortlessly from one to the other.

I struggled with finding my style and her reasons and explanations make perfect sense. Read - "How Finding My Photography Style Made Me a Happier Photographer"

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Not only does identifying and creating our photography style make us better photographers, but it ultimately makes us happier photographers. Finding my photography style not only helped me further my photography as an art, but it made me a happier photographer in at least the following four ways.

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    I Became Motivated To Pick Up My Camera

    Once I found my photography style, I found that I was more motivated to pick up my camera. Before finding my style, I felt lost with my photography. I didn’t know what inspired me and didn’t know what was worth photographing. Once my style was pinpointed, it further helped me to identify what I was passionate about and, therefore, encouraged me to pick up my camera more in the situations that are unique to me and my style.

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    My Photography Was Recognized More

    2016-12-01_0002After identifying what photography style I wanted to be known for, I worked hard to create images that reflected my unique style. Because I like my images to be simple and bright, I began creating a collection of images that represented just that.

    Before long, I had one of the most recognizable photography styles on Instagram and other photographers were instantly associating my name with my images. This led to getting featured more on social media, which led to an increase in following.

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    I Grew And Maintained Social Media Followers

    Because I have a photography style that is specific and consistent, I have earned followers on social media. More importantly, the followers that I gain tend to stick around and become loyal fans because they are drawn to my photography style and, because I am consistent with my photography, they know what to expect of me.

    One of the main reasons why photographers lose followers on social media is because they are unpredictable with their photography. Followers like consistency and they like knowing that you are going to deliver the same images that initially drew them to you in the first place.

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    I Attracted The Right Clients

    2016-12-01_0003Before I found my photography style, I had a wide variety of clients hire me and I felt like I was photographing too many different styles, based on what I was hired to do. I quickly became burnt out with photography and dreaded sessions.

    After finding my photography style, I started creating consistent images that reflected simple, bright and honest interactions. After a lot of hard work, my portfolio truly emerged and was full of consistent images that truly reflected my passion of photographing candid moments with my clients, instead of formal portraits.

    Because my portfolio only features photography that reflects my photography style, I only attract clients that want my style of photography. Now I am spending time with clients that support my style of photography, which furthers my passion.

    When photographers are passionate, they create noteworthy images.

As photographers, we let our images speak for us. We let our images represent us. It is more important than ever that we create photography styles that truly represent us as artists, instead of representing someone else. Instead of having a photography style simply because it is popular or trending, create a photography style that is unique to you.

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