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25 Things to Photograph this Summer
25 Things to Photograph this Summer

Summer is here again! And I love summer photography for so many reasons but the biggest one is probably because of the longer days which equals more light! Every summer I start thinking about what I want to shoot and how I can keep a hold of all those great memories.

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I’ve made this cheat sheet with 25 things you can photograph this summer. You can pin it, download the PDF here, or bookmark it to come back to when you need some ideas for getting out your camera this summer!

Never thought about documenting our nighttime routine! Great list of summer photography ideas - 25 Things to Photography this Summer

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Here are 5 things  you can create with the photos after the summer ends:
1. make a photo book
2. make a photo wall display
3. make personalized postcards to send to friends & family
4. create a video using the photos
5. edit quick and easy with PicTapGo then upload to Instagram

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  • Cathy
    June 25, 2018 at 2:19 PM

    Courtney, you are so awesome. This email gave me the courage to take my camera out this weekend.

    I took a beginning photography class last semester and i really didnt understand all the lessons. Everyone seemed more advanced than I. Shortly afterwards i took a lot of family photos at a famimy birthday party and i got some great photos but it was really a challege with all the bright sun. I considered purchasing the bundle you offered last week but i thought i had already purchased a similar bundle, unfortunately, i cant find any information i purchased from you – maybe you can tell me what i purchased so far.

    Anyway, thanks for keeping me in the loop! :)

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