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Why Creative Photography Will Take your Photos to the Next Level
Why Creative Photography Will Take your Photos to the Next Level

We have all been in a photography rut, am I right? If not, you might be soon. Or maybe you just aren’t even sure what kind of photography you enjoy doing. This is where adding a little challenge of creative photography will help you tremendously.

Are you feeling like you need to find inspiration for your photography? If so, read on my friend I have just the tips you need.

What is creative photography?

Creative photography can be a little challenging to define but basically it is when you use or do something EXTRA out of your normal to create a new image.

This can be a creative project or a way to spark your love for photography again if you are stuck in a rut. Or maybe it will help you find your new favorite photography style.

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Creative photography photo of blue surf boards

Give your photos a deeper meaning

Creative photography is taking an ordinary photo and giving it a deeper meaning where your imagination can shine. Think outside of the box. It truly is an art form, so really no limitations apply.

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How do you get creative photography ideas?

Get in some excercise

While cardio is great, I don’t mean that kind of exercise, I mean creative exercises. There are so many different things you can do even with just one object. Google it, you’ll see!

To save you some time here are a few of my favorites: 14 Creative Photography Projects you Need to Try

Only use a prime lens

Pop on a prime lens like an 85mm or 50mm and keep it on for awhile. It will challenge you to see things differently and force you to move around subjects like you probably haven’t had to before. Especially if you are stuck in the house, that’s a perfect time to do this.

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Child holding green camera making a silly face example of  creative photography for kids.

Stay in one place

Go for a walk, or drive to your favorite place. Keep your eyes open for inspiration and then stay in that area. Stay for 30 minutes (or more) and take a different picture every 2 minutes that you are there.

Walk around to get these pictures but you will leave with at least 15 new photos of your favorite place.

Do a photography challenge

Photography challenges will require some commitment out of you. This will allow you to feel encouraged to show up and take new photographs. If you aren’t ready for a full 365 project, that’s fine, start smaller. Do something that will allow you to feel that creative spark.

How can I do creative photography at home?

We have all been stuck at home more this last year than probably every before. It’s hard to feel inspired when you’re looking at the same 4 walls, and your pet is tired of getting their photo taken.


Using water will stretch your photographer brain a little bit. Try using it to take a creative photo.

For example, speed up your shutter speed and try to get the individual droplets coming from the sink. Or capture a reflection in a pool of water.

Add in some bubbles for a little flare and fun colors!

Bokeh with lights

Bokeh is the out of focus area in a photo. It’s the beautiful blur, and can be very beautiful with created with lights.

Set your aperture as wide open as it will go so maybe it’s f/2.8 or f/1.4. Turn on some lights, dangle holiday lights behind your subject or anything like that. Then put some space between your subject and the lights.

Play around with your settings to see what type of bokeh brings you happiness in your photo.

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child looking at a christmas tree in the dark with the tree lights on

Food Photography

We all need food, and we all love photography. Let’s combine the two and make some creative photography.

Make a yummy, colorful dish (or order out if you’re like me) and give your food a photoshoot.

Arrange the food on a clean surface near a lot of natural light, you can even use a reflector if you have one. Take the shot from different angles and different focal points.

Don’t forget to enjoy the food for a reward ;)

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Tips to creative photography

Pick up your camera every day

I truly believe you can reboot your passion for photography through a creative photography challenge. Let’s start by picking up our cameras every day.

Leave it out so you can see it and remember to use it every single day. I promise this will get the ball rolling on your creative photography.

Want more? I have JUST the thing to help guide you back to your creative photography. Check it out: Creative Photography Reboot

Create a masterpiece

Think of creative photography as a work of art. Something someone would hang up on their wall.

Play with lots of light, colors, angles, and lines. The more original the better.

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black and white creative photography of children reading a book in the dark

Capture texture for creative photography

Find an object that has a lot of texture, maybe it’s a wall or maybe it’s the sand. Then ZOOM IN, or get close and I mean really close. Try to get as much of the texture as possible. You’ll be surprised at what you find.

Get inspired

Spend some time searching hashtags, pinterest, or google for some inspiration. Since creative photography is an art, you will find thousands of pictures to help you get started.

Make a list of everything you want to try and I challenge you to check at least 3 off of your list. When you do, share them with me!

Creative Photography FAQs

What are some different creative photography projects?

Project 365- One photo every day for a year. What I am eating- Photos of just your food. Prime lens only- using only a prime lens see what you can capture. All around home- Only take photos inside of your home for a time.

How do I become a more creative photographer?

Shoot every single day! If you are doing this, not only will your photography improve, but you will start to see more opportunities for creative photography everywhere you go.
Challenge yourself by doing a creative project.

How do you show creativity in photography?

Think outside of the box. Use composition, light, and f stop to take your photos to the next level. Look at the ordinary from a different “lens.”

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