Basic Photography Tips

basic-photography-tips2Are you overwhelmed by all there is to learn?

Do you want to improve your photos?

Do you want to capture better photos of your kids?

If you answered yes, then you are in the right place.

By using these basic photography tips you will slowly learn more about photography, become more confident behind the camera, and tackle manual mode.

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I love to teach photography as if we are two friends having coffee.

So, grab a cup of tea, ice cream, margarita or a chocolate bar and dive in!

Basic Photography Tips

It’s like a foreign language. How do I shoot in manual mode?
My explanation of how to shoot in manual mode has been called one of the easiest to understand. Manual mode can be like a foreign language. I help take away the frustration by explaining it to you like two friends over coffee. Don’t run away from the words shutter speed, aperture, or ISO anymore.

Still not convinced?

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How do I change my focal point?
Now that you are shooting in manual mode, you don’t have to use manual focus. However, you should be changing your focal point so you can adjust your aperture and have only what you want in focus in your image.

Why is my image yellow? What is white balance?
You know that terrible yellowish look your photos have? Yeah, it took me months to figure it out. That is all due to your white balance. The trick is to get it right in camera. There are several different methods to help you master it and the different white balance methods are compared here. My favorite method is using Kelvin.

How do I get their eyes to sparkle?
Catchlights are amazing and a great way to give your subject life. Without catchlight, your subject loses that special sparkle and twinkle in their eye. You don’t want hollow looking eyes. Use the light you have to put that extra sparkle in their eyes.

Why is my photo blurry? My kids never sit still.
I don’t know one person who didn’t struggle with this when they first started. Use these 7 Tips to Take a Sharp Photo. No matter how fast your kiddos move, you can freeze them and get a tack sharp image.

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There is so much to learn. What do I learn first?
Use this list as a guide for your photography journey to help you along your journey. This isn’t to say you can’t learn things in a different order but it’s nice to know what to focus on and when. I wish I had had something like this when I first started.

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