Lifestyle Photography: How to Capture Beautiful Images of Your Family
Lifestyle Photography: How to Capture Beautiful Images of Your Family

As a photographer it’s common to always want to capture that “perfect photo.” We wait for the best light, the best scenery, have our subjects dressed in their best and start clicking our shutter. Although these photos are nice to have, its the everyday photos of my family (or my clients families) that are most beautiful to me. Everyday life isn’t always glamorous. However, if you look past the imperfections, the photos you capture are priceless.

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Lifestyle photography tips for beautiful family images:

Keep it natural

Whatever you do, don’t tell them to say “cheese.” Just let them have fun. As a Mom, my everyday photos are usually of my kids and family. Sure, everyone loves a good photo of everyone looking at the camera smiling. However, when capturing your everyday, just let them be them. Capture authentic smiles and giggles while they are doing their favorite activities.

Child Lifestyle Photography Tips

Embrace the Mess

Embrace the mess. I don’t know about your house, but my house sometimes feels like a zoo. Between the 3 kids and the dogs it can get chaotic. Although we like to keep a pretty tidy house, but it’s inevitable that it will get messy throughout the day.

Family Lifestyle Photography

When documenting our everyday, I either embrace the mess or use creative angles to avoid it. Sometimes capturing the mess is all part of the story.

Indoor Lifestyle Photography Tips

Shooting From Different Angles

Be Ready

Always have your camera ready. Are you afraid to take your camera out in public? Don’t be! I love carrying my camera in my bag and having the opportunity to capture our lives in public.

Documentary Photography Tips

Trips to Target happen pretty regularly around here (I know I can’t be alone in this one!). I love capturing my kids in their element while there.

Family Documentary Photography Ideas
Free Lightroom Presets


Use creative lighting. Start looking for the light. Whether it is gorgeous morning light shining in through the windows or a simple hall light illuminating your kids perfectly, look for different types of light.

Lifestyle Photography Light Tips

If you are always waiting for that perfectly lit image, you might miss several opportunities for beautiful everyday photos.

Low Light Lifestyle Photography Tips

Natural Light Photography: Guide to Maximizing Window Light


Find ways to add texture to your image. One of my favorite images of my daughter is of her sleeping. The light from the window was hitting her perfectly and the sheets were bunched up around her. The texture it creates in the photo is something that has always drawn me into the photo.

Texture in Photography

Find scenarios in your everyday that allow you to create texture and depth to your photos.

Don’t let these fleeting moments pass without documenting them beautifully. There is always a time and place for those perfect photos of everyone smiling and looking at the camera, but capturing your authentic, everyday life is even more beautiful to capture and look back on. What is family documentary photography

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These are awesome tips. Going to give these a go today. Read - "Lifestyle Photography - How to Capture Beautiful Images of Your Family"
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    These are some very good tips that I’ll keep in my not only for photoshoots with my clients but also to capture moments with my family, especially always having my camera ready.

    In the past I’ve used my camera a lot to capture those moments, but gradually I started to use my phone for that and I this post inspired me to go back to the old habit of also using my camera for capturing candid moments with my loved ones! :)

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